Destination Wedding Vs Traditional Wedding

Weddings are a dream for everyone and the wedding rental company only makes these dreams turn into reality. People dream of finding the one person they can trust and love for the rest of the lives. Love brings them together and marriage seals their bond forever. It is just as beautiful and sacred at it seems. However, marrying the person you love is one thing and WHAT you choose the wedding to be like is another story.

Types of Weddings

There are basically two ways of having a good wedding. Number one is to hire a good table chair rental company and get a simple wedding set up at home that is traditional and basic. The other type is the luxury and exotic destination wedding! A wedding rental company will surely be able to put together any type of wedding you want. The main idea is for you to understand the basic difference between both types of weddings before you can decide on any one of it.

Traditional Weddings

Planning a traditional wedding? Keep it simple and stay true to the traditions – just as they are meant to be.

  • It can be kept as simple and small as you want it to be. This means you can be surrounded by only your special loved ones and exchange vows without any added fuss.
  • The expense on traditional weddings is minimal. When you choose to keep things simple and basic, this cuts down on the wedding expenses dramatically
  • Your family will be so happy that you are doing things the right way. Weddings are meant to be traditional in eyes of our elders and by celebrating it the traditional way – we are making a lot of people very happy with our choices.

Destination Weddings

So here is everything you should know about destination weddings.

  • There is no hassle and by this we mean literally none! You don’t have to worry about catering to guests at home or arranging sleeping space for all the guests that might fly in a week before the wedding. It keeps things well-organized and limited to the venue.
  • The view will be exhilarating and breathtaking. This is the entire point of having a destination wedding. You will wed the love of your life with a backdrop that is almost surreal.
  • The pictures will turn out to be sensational. You will feel like a model of Vogue with scenes that are almost so perfect it will look photo shopped.

Wedding Companies Can Always Help

Whatever type of wedding you choose to have; the basics will need to be done for instance the table chair rental and the music arrangements. The genre might be different but the need is still there! The good news is that the wedding tent rental company will surely be able to make life easier for you and put together a destination or traditional wedding as you please. It is your big day and at the end, the special moments are all that you remember forever.

Tent Rentals – Reasons Why Size Matters a Lot

When it comes to tent rentals, the tent’s size is dictated by the number and concentration of the guests that’ll be using the facility and the even you’re planning.


Concentration is basically the number of the guests that will use the facility at one time and it is important to estimate. For many events and weddings with small time span, it’s safe to assume all of your guests are using your tent simultaneously. For the events with long time spans or have alternative destinations for visitors, it may be much tougher to know the number of guests to in use in the calculation.


If delays are unacceptable, you may use the peak traffic estimates based on the number of guests and availability of the alternative venues. History gives good estimates for hard projections. If it’s a recurring event, speak with the sources knowledgeable about your event, particularly the tent rental companies that have detailed knowledge from numerous sources. They may also provide helpful information as well as validate your thought process for the wedding tents.

Experienced tent rental company will have valuable insight as well for 1-time or new events since they’re likely to be comparable to some events they’ve serviced.

Weather Condition

A huge caveat for the estimates for tent’s size is the weather. If you’re using peak estimate for your guest concentration calculations, it’s likely to be inadequate in times of severe weather condition. Precipitation, temperature extremes, and wind may all drive people when searching for shelter for reasons aside from your intended purpose and they’ll frequently remain longer. It’s also essential for you to know shelter options, access of the guests to the transportation, and ready a plan for severe weather condition.

There are other reasons why size matters when it comes to tent rentals. If you have estimated that your guests will be hundreds, you have to consider large tent rentals. Companies that offer tent rentals may give you a wide selection of tents. If you like to provide the best tents for your needs, you should always work with the companies that are known to offer quality tent rentals. In this way, you can be assured that all of your special requests will be granted and you don’t have to pay for an expensive price. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for a good tent rental provider and see the difference.

Finding Reliable and Professional Party Rentals Company

Finding the best quality wedding tent rentals is not easy nowadays knowing that there are many company offering the same products and they tend to use the low materials to make the tent or they bought the cheap ones to be rented in higher price.
Because of that matter we have to be really careful in choosing the rentals company that will help us arrange the equipments for wedding and trust them that they only use the best quality materials so that we will not get the worse result of using their service.  There are some steps that you can do in finding the best and reliable rentals company so that your theme wedding will be amazing and people will always remember your special day.

Quality Check for Wedding Equipment

When people are planning their wedding, the first thing that they will do is thinking about the theme and concept of their wedding. They will want to have their dream wedding and arrange the decoration in certain theme that they want to have. After deciding the theme and the concept of the wedding you will have to think about how you will get the equipments and the decoration items that will support your theme and wedding concept. Now is the time to get the information about the rentals company and how you will contact them to get the information about their products and service.

Best Wedding decoration Items

To get the reliable information about the rentals company you will have to browse the reliable source and there you will be able to find the contact number that you can call or the address that you can visit to have a consultation about the concept wedding that you will have and ask them if they have the items that you need in decorating the wedding. After you have the contact number it is important to contact them directly and consult about the items that you need. They will set the time to meet and give you preview about the service that they will give and what things that they can offer to make your dream wedding happens.

In conclusion, finding reliable wedding decoration items Rentals Company will take time and you will need some patients in finding the right one. There will be many choices and options that you will meet related to the company that you visit and there you can check with your own eyes about the materials of the wedding items decoration and also the service that they give to their customer.

Well, if you get the rentals company that you need then do not waste your time and talk about the theme and concept of the wedding and start to give them explanation about the details of the decoration and what you need in every part of the place where you will hold your wedding. Always remember to also give space for the guests to have their own part of photo booth in your wedding by getting help from corporate tent rentals nyc.

Company Picnic Game Ideas

Company picnics are organized for relaxation and achieve bonding among workmates. In the picnic tours, it is essential to have the games in which all can participate and enjoy the picnic.

There are some cool company picnic game ideas that can make your outdoor party an exciting one.


Horseshoes is one of the foremost game ideas that company picnic ought to play. It is played between two people or two teams to the throwing targets stuck on the ground. The target is placed around 40 feet apart and those who gets the horseshoe close to the target wins.


In this Tug-of-War outdoor game, you only need is a long strong rope. A knot is placed in the middle part of the rope, place a marker on the ground to divide your team into two to start the play. It’s only the rope pulling and one team that can pull rope far away in their side wins.

Pass the Parcel

There is a game in which a music plays and team players pass the parcel (usually an empty box or a thing) and when music stops instantly, the team player who has that parcel in his/ her hand, has to perform the said activity such as dance, mimic, sing or any other act that you may decide for fun in a company picnic.

Act the Part

In this famous picnic game, players have to act like a celebrity or other prominent personality. Some of the players can mimic their friends, if they know well to each other.

Pie in the Face

It is one of the prominent corporate party or picnic games. It may prove a messy. In this game, a piece of paper is written with a message which is kept under the plate and plate is filled with cream that a player has to eat the pie cream to reads the message and has to read it loudly. One who can read it first wins the game.


Another company picnic game that you can consider to make the laugh is Spew. The participant in this game has to place Alka-Seltzer tablet under their tongue and drink 7-up or other beverage. The player who can hold the bubble longer can win this game.

Toilet paper Game

Divide team into two. Give each of your teammate a toilet paper. Start from first member, get the toilet paper on their head alternately ad through between their legs. Player who reach first at the end of the line wins.

Three-Legged Balloon Race

It is one of the company picnic game ideas that you will love to play. Entire team divides into pairs and stand alongside. Each pair has to hold a balloon with their legs and start the race.

Pass the Card

It is a fun game that can make you laughter. Divide teammates into two and line them in a row. Each member has to hold a card in their mouth and he can pass to other member until reaches to the end of the line. Team who reaches first to the end line wins.

These are some of the picnic ideas that you can employ to make fun on the company picnic trip. You also can hire a professional picnic planner who can assist you in organizing all the events with ease.