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Allergy immunotherapy makes use of allergy shots. It has been found to be very effective in treating allergies caused by allergens like grass, trees, weeds, dust, mold, pet dander, insect stings etc. In this method small quantity of the allergen in liquid form is injected to the arm of the patient. The injection is repeated every week for 6-7 months slowly increasing the quantity of the allergen injected. Sometimes these injections are taken once in two weeks. Eventually it is given in once in four weeks. The duration of such therapy may extend to three or more years. This treatment is usually carried out in a fall allergy clinic near me. This method is also referred as subcutaneous immunotherapy. SCIT has been in existence for the last 100 years or more.

Another similar therapy known as sublingual immunotherapy is also in practice. In this method small dose of the allergen are administered under the tongue. Tablets and drops are used for SLIT. The tablets used for ragweed allergens are the only the FDA approved tablets and they are being used for ragweed and pollen allergies.

The situation which warrants the use of allergy shots

  1. Symptoms cannot be controlled by over the counter medications, and you are not able to avoid the materials that cause allergic reactions.
  2. The allergy medications interact with the mediations you already take and complications are produced.
  3. The patient wants to avoid long term use of medications and the probable side effects.


  1. Seasonal allergies: If you suffer seasonal allergies related to asthma, hay fever etc, pollen released by the trees is the reason for such allergies. Allergy shots have been found to be extremely beneficial in controlling the fall allergies
  2. Indoor allergens: If you are allergic throughout the year, indoor allergens like dust, mites, mold, cockroaches, pet dander etc are the probable allergens. They have time and again been proved as very efficient in containing such allergies.
  3. Insect stings: Some people are allergic to insect stings. Insects like bees, hornets, yellow jackets, wasps etc can trigger allergic reactions. Such allergies can be treated effectively making use of allergy shots.


They are accompanied by a risk known as anaphylactic shock which is severe allergic reaction.  Therefore these shots can be taken only in the office of a fall allergy clinic near me. Therefore taking allergy shots by oneself is not advisable.

Are the allergy treatment effective?

The answer is yes. They have always proved to be very effective in relieving the reactions that trigger allergy episodes for fall allergy clinic near me. It is very effective for asthma and it enhances breathing. It also decreases the need for asthma medications.

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