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Flagstone and bluestone are flat stones used to install patios. They are a standard for landscape design because of their durability and versatility and recommended by local patio builders. Let’s explore which one’s best for you.

Bluestone Patio

In reality, bluestone is itself a type of flagstone. This moderate surface texture rock materializes through the fusion of particles emerging from rivers, oceans, and lakes. The blue-gray color combination is perfect to provide you with a look that pops. You can also install bluestone in your outdoor kitchen and counter surfaces.

Bluestone is also sturdier and has a strong grip as compared to generic flagstone. A basic flagstone is only water-resistant in compact variations. Whereas, a bluestone is naturally dense and is more repressible against various elements. Other than that, a bluestone also comes in select grades and natural cleft. Most importantly, it guarantees you a classic look, especially with plants and greenery.

The only issue with bluestone is that it’s expensive with a simple and formal look. Furthermore, it also requires more maintenance as compared to other paver materials because it’s spongy, which results in it being vulnerable to stains.

But you shouldn’t feel frustrated because despite the aforementioned flaws the bluestone rock is quite easy to clean. The food and dirt stains can be easily removed by washing and scrubbing the surface with water and dish soap weekly. The residue of the soap is easily rinsed away after completion. A gallon of water mixed with ammonia or a traditional cleaner without the presence of bleach can be used to combat tougher stains such as grease and oil.

As a homeowner with bluestone patios, you don’t need to worry about the buildup of lime and mineral deposits in the form of stains. They usually develop after a few years of installation and can be eliminated by mixing and scrubbing the baking soda and vinegar. To avoid too much cleaning, it is better that you reseal it every few years.

Flagstone Patio

Flagstone is a sandy and grainy rock that is formed by the bounding of minerals and the pressure of a thousand years. The most common type of flagstones is sandstone, limestone, slate, and bluestone. The flagstone is also a flat paving stone that can be formed into various unique patterns by cutting and shaping in a variety of ways. Furthermore, it is also known and loved by patio owners for its rich texture and the broad range of colors it comes in. From browns to grays, to golds and blues, you will find them in various color palettes.

If you’re more into a rustic look then flagstone is best for you. The neutral-colored can also be integrated into a natural landscape design to create a nature-centered look. The flagstone also works best with contemporary designs because of its ability to preserve a refined earthy look on your landscape. It also offers an ideal aesthetic flexibility due to its availability in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures.

Flagstones are also a lot heavier than concrete pavers and traditional clay. It comes in standard sizes and the pavers can be handled and hauled easily from one place to another. Moreover, the flagstones also vary in size and are available in the form of heavy cobblestone and gigantic slabs. However, the best thing about these heavy rocks is that they don’t need to be settled in a mortar bed. You need to keep in mind that the bed and joints are properly filled and compacted with gravel and sand, this will keep your stones stay in place for years.

Bluestone Or Flagstone, Which Ones’ Best For You?

If you’re confused about which stone you want to use for your landscape and patios, consider what your stone will be exposed to regularly. The bluestone is suitable near a pool. But you need to know that the bluestone is a dark-colored stone and will retain more heat than the lighter colored flagstones. Hence, bluestone is a more expensive option between the two. However, the unique color of the bluestone stands out in the landscape and the flagstones usually blend in the landscape.


In summary, both stones are a great option and you should base your final decision on the overall look of the stone. And never forget to take suggestions from patio contractors Long Island.

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