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Trees are complex living beings especially when it comes to being sick. Different types of trees can suffer from different types of diseases, which can make it difficult for people to diagnose the real problem. However, some signs will help you determine if there is something wrong with your tree and if it can’t be treated, you should get tree removal services to cut down the tree. Let’s take a look at these signs so that you save your tree before it breathes its last.

Wilting Leaves

The first sign you should be concerned about is wilting leaves. If the leaves tend to be wilting, it means there is something wrong with the tree and it is not working at its full capacity. There could be several reasons for wilting leaves and in some cases, the issue might be worse than expected.

For instance, drought, heat, and water-logged soil that does not drain well add stress to the tree. Another possible reason might also be fire blight, which is a bacterial disease affecting plants including pear and apple trees. The leaves will appear as if they are burned.

Yellowing Leaves

Yellowing trees are a common sight and the reason mostly happens to be a nutritional deficiency. When the tree is not receiving essential nutrients, it will indicate by turning its leaves yellow. It might be that your soil lacks nitrogen, the pH level is too low, or simply the soil isn’t nutrient-dense.

In such situations, fertilization is the best option. You might want to add fertilizers and compost to provide the soil with missing nutrients. If that does not solve the issue, you will need to check the soil and install plants that are more suited to the conditions rather than offering them fertilizers to keep them alive.

Brown & Dying Leaves Or Needles

Brown, dying and dead leaves as needles will show up due to salt damage or salt spray. The good news is that salt damage can easily be prevented before it turns worse. You should choose trees that come with thick protected leaves, allowing them to adapt to salty conditions.

If you have pine needles installed, you will notice that they will turn yellow and begin to drop. It might look alarming but it is a normal situation for these plants as they are “evergreen” trees.

Spots On Leaves

Another common sign that indicates your tree might be sick is spots on leaves. Then again, there could be several reasons behind this issue. It could be a sign of insect damage such as yellow stippling, which is caused by a sap-sucking spider.

To diagnose and solve the issue, you will first need to look at the leaves and check the shape, color, size, and location of the spots. As mentioned previously, it could either be insect or pest damage or in other situations, it could be due to the presence of fungal fruiting bodies.

Fuzzy Or Moldy Areas On Leaves

Fuzzy or moldy areas on leaves are usually a sign of fungal infection. The two most common examples are mildew and black sooty mold. Powdery mildew is a fuzzy, whitish coating, while black sooty is a fungus that usually grows on the sticky substance.

This could be a complicated issue to diagnose and fix. Therefore, you will need to consult an arborist who will thoroughly inspect the tree and determine the root cause of the problem. Once the problem is identified, the arborist will try fixing it by using chemicals, fertilizers, and other items.

Holes In Tree Leaves

Holes or ragged areas in trees can be a problem but, in most cases, it is just a cosmetic issue, which is not supposed to cause any serious harm. The reason is that if you have holes in your tree, it is probably that the insects are eating it. Beetles, caterpillars, and other such creatures depend on the leaves as their food source. However, this is not supposed to last as the beetles fly off and the caterpillars turn into butterflies in a few weeks.

Final Word

Concluding, a sick tree can be dangerous if you have several plants and trees installed in the surrounding area. Some diseases can spread and infect other plants too. Therefore, if your tree is showing any of the above signs, get it treated by an expert before it adds fuel to the fire. If it’s too late, consult tree cutting services Potomac.

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