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Submersible pumps are used more often than you think. If you want a water well pump and you can’t decide whether you want to go for a submersible pump or not, then here are some merits and demerits of it.

Pros Of Installing A Submersible Well Pump

They’re Safe

Submersible well pumps are one of the safest options out there when it comes to pumping water from wells that are extremely deep. These pumps are extremely easy to use and there is no hazard of anything bursting, catching fire, or exploding. Since these pumps are submerged underwater, they are made out of rust-resistant and anti-corrosive materials that allow the pump to stay in a pristine condition, even if it is underwater for the most part.

Its design is also pretty robust and versatile, so it’s safe for use. A lot of pumps that aren’t submersible can be at risk of sparking or catching fire because they’re not lubricated enough. With submersible pumps, however, that isn’t an issue, because the water acts as a coolant as well as a lubricant.

They’re Efficient

Submersible well pumps are some of the most efficient pumps out there. They’re long-lasting due to being submerged and there’s no need for extra lubrication or cooling because as daunting as submerging sounds, the water surrounding the pump is a blessing.

These pumps can also operate for hours on end and they’re amazing when it comes to sucking water from deep wells and bringing them up to the surface with high water pressure. These pumps are truly amazing when it comes to performance and they also last long, so there’s no need for you to change the assembly out every so often.

Used For A Variety Of Things

Submersible pumps aren’t just used in wells. They’re extremely versatile and they can be used around the house wherever you need water with great pressure on the surface. They’re virtually perfect for deep wells and that’s a given but these bad boys can be used in tanks and even deep reservoirs if that’s what you want.

The only thing that you need to take care of is keeping the pump completely submerged and the rest of it is dealt by the pump. So, if you think that submersible pumps can only be used in wells, think again.

No Noise

One of the great things about submersible well pumps Frederick County is that they are virtually noiseless. If you’ve heard pumps before then the blaring and piercing sound of the motor running can be deafening to the ears.

However, submersible pumps are comfortable and you won’t even know that it’s running because it’s that quiet. They’re great if you have a small space and don’t want to be bothered by the rackety noise of the pump. You and your ears will be at peace.

No Need For Priming

If you know anything about water pumps then it won’t come as a surprise to you that most pumps need to be primed before they can start. Priming is the process of having fluid filled in the pump at the time of operation.

Priming ensures lubrication and prevents wear and tear in the moving parts of the pump. Well, you will be happy to know that submersible pumps are self-priming, so you don’t need to deal with any of the pre-operating hassles. This saves time and energy, and everything goes smoothly.

Cons Of Installing A Submersible Well Pump

Seals Can Break

Even though submersible pumps are great and they’re meant for use in the water, they’re still not indestructible. See, these pumps have airtight seals that prevent water from seeping into the pump assembly, but these seals over time can sweep and crack, and that’s to be expected if you’re using the pump daily.

These seals, once broken, can affect the performance of the pump and if things go unnoticed for too long, then the pump can break down. This is not what you want, so it’s better to change out the seals every couple of months to ensure that the pump is working perfectly.

Can Break Down

As amazing as submersible well pumps are, again they’re not something that is going to last forever. Eventually, these pumps can break down, but how? Well, firstly, these pumps run the best when they are completely submerged in water.

Even if they are slightly above the water level and the assembly is running, then there’s a huge risk of the pump getting overheated and eventually damaged beyond repair.

So, if the well has a very low water level, then you need to keep an eye on the pump at all times, because if the water isn’t fully covering the pump to the brim, then it can break down. If you feel like the water level isn’t too high that a submersible pump can easily be submerged in it, then go for a different type of pump because it won’t work.

Maintenance Is Hard

Submersible pumps might sound like the perfect pumps to ever exist, right? Well, not completely. These pumps are really hard to maintain. The airtight assembly also implies that you’ll need special tools for maintaining it and that’s not always possible.

Usually, you will need to call in a professional repair service, because they’re the ones with the right tools and they can get the job done in minutes. Even though submersible pumps look simple, they’re a beast to maintain, so unless you want to slave over taking care of these pumps, go for other options, because they’re way easier to handle and you can even DIY them.

Must Be Submerged

You might have an idea already, but if submersible pumps aren’t submerged totally in water, then that’s a huge issue. That’s the whole gist of a submersible pump, hence the name. If you’re worried that water can get into the pump and ruin it, then you’ll be relieved to know that the whole assembly of a submersible well pump is air and watertight, so there’s no way that water can get into it.

However, if there’s not enough water then the motor and ultimately the pump can burn out and you’ll be left with no choice but to change it. So, as great as these pumps are, they need to be completely underwater, otherwise, it’s no good.

They’re Costly

Submersible pumps aren’t for the weak budget ones. These pumps, as hassle-free as they are, run pretty expensive. On top of that, the installation cost of this pump is even higher, because they’re used in wells and they have to be descended into the well that might sound easy, but it’s anything but.

So, if you want this pump for your house, then you need to kiss your thick wallet goodbye because it’s going to cost you a lot. However, the cost is worth it, given its results and performance.


Submersible pumps are great for everyday use and they get the job done, however, there are still a couple of downsides to them. Discuss with a well pump service Loudoun County to pick the right type of well pump.

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