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This text is primarily intended for high school students and all young people who consider their future vocation, who don’t have the clear vision but have the aspirations to the internet and modern IT technology.

IT or information technologies include the area of creating and maintaining databases, programming, coding, web design, and, in recent years, the creation of mobile applications. Whatever the subfield of IT you’re interested in, you’ll realize that there are available too many jobs and that the study of information technology is the “slam dunk.”

Benefits of studying IT

If you still in a doubt for studying IT, take into account these few facts.

The development of one IT technology entails the development of some new IT branches. There will be more and more jobs in this area, there is no dilemma.

Millions of websites have been built on PHP code, and this is an inexhaustible mine of work for all PHP developers in the future, and what about the future projects.

A special advantage of working in the IT is telecommuting (work from home), as this gives the job an additional value. The work on the computer in the internet age allows the collaboration of more workers and creation of virtual teams. This means that with the knowledge gained in any country, you can stay there and work for a company from the United States.

Employees in the IT field quickly can have a large amount of work with the average salaries that are twice the national average. On the labor market, these jobs still considered as deficient, which means that the job market continues to exceed the demand of it. The demand for these jobs will be even bigger.

Are you the right person for this job?

Do you need a formal degree? Frankly no, but you need healthy contacts, motivation, and knowledge that are still acquired at universities and advances in practice. But, you should be aware of the fact that you will have to learn and grow for the lifetime.

You are in high school and you wonder if you’re the right person for IT. In that part of your life, there are several factors that can show it:

  • you love math
  • you understand the internet a little more than your buddies
  • you’re good with your Android or another smartphone
  • your time quickly passes when you’re at the computer (not counting games)
  • you heard that in the IT field you can make a lot of money
  • you have the intuition that the IT is something really good and interesting.
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