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Event planners handle almost every single thing associated with your event including party tent rentals, lighting, decoration, and seating arrangements. However, there are a few things that you should never say to them.

It would be exciting to get paid to attend events

Well, this is one of many things that event planners hear from different clients and are tired of answering. It is basically a huge misunderstanding that people have about event planners that they come to attend the event and get paid for it. They are NOT paid to attend the event in fact, they are the one who has arranged the whole event and that is what they get paid for. So, make sure you clear this thing out in your mind and don’t piss your event planner off by asking this question.

It is a boring event, do you know a good place nearby to hangout?

Oh boy! Why would you even say that? Event planners give their best in making the event as perfect as they can for everyone so that no one loses their interest in the event. If you have hired event planners for a wedding event then they take care of everything including tables, chairs, decorations, tents sizes, food, and more. So, saying such things would hurt their morale and could exacerbate some short-tempered planners as well.

I really like this thing, can I keep it?

Understand that whatever there is in the event, is NOT a personal belonging of the event planner. It might be something from the wedding party rentals and everything that is rented needs to be returned in the exact number of pieces as provided. So, whatever you like in the event, appreciate it but never ask to keep it.

Food information

An event planner is the one who organizes the event, not the one who looks after catering services and the pros and cons of items on the menu. The event planner would not know the answer to your questions about food. Hence, it is better to not ask anything regarding it from them.

How much is your income?

How much someone makes for their living is certainly a pretty personal question and 9 out of 10 people don’t feel comfortable in telling about how much they are making from their job. Ensure that you mind your own business and never ask this type of question from the event planner.

Is all of this your own idea?

Professional event planners have arranged way too many events that they have an extremely creative mind which helps them to come up with extraordinary ideas for events. Now if you ask a pro such a question, they would literally want to smack you with a rude reply.

Can you please take a picture of mine?

Of course not, he/she is an event planner, not your personal photographer. Event planners are so busy throughout the event making it sure that everything goes as per the demand that they would never bother for a second to take your pictures. So, ask the actual photographer or your friends to capture your moments rather than hitting up the event planner for it.

Do you know anyone famous?

Okay, so it is not as offence as the others, but it may be wrong ask a planner if they know anyone famous or if they have planned any event for someone popular. That’s because event planners take client discretion seriously, which is a good things, and answering this questions can violate that.

It was mentioned in the contract, didn’t you see it?

Although you may be saying this because you want something that was in the contract and they haven’t done that, but saying this would definitely be the start of a heated argument. Try to say this is any other humble way.

Do you know me?

Do you really expect an event planner who has one of his legs stuck in checking the preparations from wedding party rentals Maryland and other in seating and lighting arrangements to know you? They are just given a list of attendees so that they can make a setup according to it. Never ask this question if you don’t want the event planner to go mad.

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