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When it comes to tent rentals, the tent’s size is dictated by the number and concentration of the guests that’ll be using the facility and the even you’re planning.


Concentration is basically the number of the guests that will use the facility at one time and it is important to estimate. For many events and weddings with small time span, it’s safe to assume all of your guests are using your tent simultaneously. For the events with long time spans or have alternative destinations for visitors, it may be much tougher to know the number of guests to in use in the calculation.


If delays are unacceptable, you may use the peak traffic estimates based on the number of guests and availability of the alternative venues. History gives good estimates for hard projections. If it’s a recurring event, speak with the sources knowledgeable about your event, particularly the tent rental companies that have detailed knowledge from numerous sources. They may also provide helpful information as well as validate your thought process for the wedding tents.

Experienced tent rental company will have valuable insight as well for 1-time or new events since they’re likely to be comparable to some events they’ve serviced.

Weather Condition

A huge caveat for the estimates for tent’s size is the weather. If you’re using peak estimate for your guest concentration calculations, it’s likely to be inadequate in times of severe weather condition. Precipitation, temperature extremes, and wind may all drive people when searching for shelter for reasons aside from your intended purpose and they’ll frequently remain longer. It’s also essential for you to know shelter options, access of the guests to the transportation, and ready a plan for severe weather condition.

There are other reasons why size matters when it comes to tent rentals. If you have estimated that your guests will be hundreds, you have to consider large tent rentals. Companies that offer tent rentals may give you a wide selection of tents. If you like to provide the best tents for your needs, you should always work with the companies that are known to offer quality tent rentals. In this way, you can be assured that all of your special requests will be granted and you don’t have to pay for an expensive price. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for a good tent rental provider and see the difference.

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