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Hip pains are no joke. Neither are hip fractures. This is why you need to look out for signs that your hips might be in jeopardy. Here are some complications which could occur if you avoid or delay a hip replacement surgery.

You Will Have Difficulty In Sitting Down

The hips are responsible for taking and supporting the weight of the body when you are sitting down. If you have an injured or fractured hip and you are delaying getting a hip replacement surgery, even though your doctor gave you the go-ahead, then you might have difficulty sitting for long periods of time. You will feel like you are in immense pain even when you are trying to sit down, and there will be no posture that will give you relief.

You Can’t Stand Up For Longer

If you thought hips only help you when you are sitting, then you have no idea how much it will hurt and it will be for you to stand with a hip injury that’s left untreated. Your hips support the weight you are putting on them when you are standing up and with an injured hip, you will have great difficulty standing up. Needless to say, you can’t either sit down or stand up with an untreated hip.

You Will Feel Weakness In The Hip Region

The hips are the area where there are a lot of nerve endings. If these nerves are affected by the weight and pressure, you are putting on the injured hip, then it can lead to weakness and numbness in the hip and lower region. This can be identified with you feeling tingles and warmth spreading from your hips all the way down to your legs.

You will have an uncomfortable sensation throughout your body and this is a clear indicator that your hips are affecting the nerve endings. This, if left untreated for any longer, can lead to permanent paralysis or loss of sensation in the hips and legs.

Numbness And Intense Pain

Pain is the part of any injury, but with hip injuries, the pain is even more intense, because there is a shooting pain in your hips and legs whenever you try to move too much. This can be quite uncomfortable and unpleasant and you will need to take painkillers almost all the time because the pain is unbearable for most people. The injured hip or cracked bone can also poke you in the muscles near the hip, which causes a sharp pain that radiates through your entire body.

You Will Gain Weight

If you are always sitting around if you have a hip injury, this can lead to a lot of sedentary issues like obesity, sores, and numb legs. Out of these, obesity and weight gain are the worst. You are putting too much unnecessary weight on the hips when they are unable to bear the existing weight. You can’t move too much because it hurts when you do, so you have limited choices available.

This is why you shouldn’t prolong the hip replacement surgery for longer because the sooner you get your hip fixed, the faster you will heal and you will be able to resume your normal life activities.

You Will Lose Muscle Strength

Muscle strength is lost when you sit around and don’t do much. This also hinders the healing process of the hip. You need your muscles to be in perfect condition, when you go for a hip replacement surgery because the muscles are what will heal your injuries faster and you will be able to go back to your normal life in no time. But with constant prolonging of the surgery, you are making matters worse by weakening your muscles around the hip and other areas.


There you have it! Delaying a hip replacement surgery will only do more bad than good, so it’s better to get it over with as soon as possible. You will heal quickly and you will be able to do life activities again, in no time. To know if you need hip replacement surgery and to get more of your hip surgery questions answered, go to a hip orthopedic surgeon Woodbridge.

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