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Washing machines last for many years if you take care of them. But if handled roughly, you may need washer repair or replacement earlier than expected. Here are things you need to avoid doing to your washer as they could damage it.

The Wrong Settings

The right settings of washing can make a huge difference not only for your clothes but also can increase the shelf life of your washing machine. It is very important that you understand the settings of your washer and also make sure that what type of settings your clothes need to be washed without being ruined or frayed. This is very important but all it takes is some trial and error and checking the manual of the washing machine.

Some clothes need cool washes, some need extra spinning, some need hot washes and so on. If the temperature and spin settings are not adequate, it will not only ruin your clothes, but it can lead to a lot of lint build up in the washing machine and it can clog essential drains and pipes of the machine. You definitely don’t want that to happen.

It’s very easy to find out the right setting and water temperature for your clothes, which you can easily find out through the cloth tags as well. If you wash your clothes in the right settings, then your washing machine will do a great job at cleaning them.

Dumping All The Clothes In

Sorting your clothes according to color and type of texture and feel is very important. You can’t just dump all of your clothes in, colored, whites and delicate wear in your washing machine, spin it around and hope for the best. It is very important that you load a certain amount of clothes in your washing machine at a time and they need to be sorted according to color and the degree of how delicate they are. The last thing you want is all the colors to bleed together or worse, the material getting stuck somewhere in the washing machine.

Ignoring The Cloth Tags

The tags on your clothes are there for a reason. There are ample washing and frying instructions which you can follow for a good wash. Some clothes need to be dry cleaned and they don’t need to be washed in a washing machine.

If you put delicate clothing in your washing machine, it can lead to tearing of the cloth and it can get stuck somewhere in the washing machine. The tags on the clothes also have temperature instructions as to what kind of water is best for washing them in the washing machine.

Not Using The Right Amount Of Detergent

When you load a washing machine, you might think that too much detergent is good the load, but that’s not quite true. Too much detergent can actually lead to deposition of salts and hard substances on the walls of washing machines. You may as well wash your clothes twice with a little amount of detergent rather than using a lot of it at the same time. Too much detergent can also be hard to get out of clothes in a single wash, so you will be wasting not only detergent but also a lot of water.

Not Unloading The Machine Right Away

When doing laundry, you can forget that your clothes are in the machine and you can get distracted. While a few minutes are fine, you can’t just leave your wet clothes in the washer for too long, because it can lead to a lot of smell in the clothes as well as in the loading mouth of the washing machine. The smell can be very hard to get rid of, so it’s best that you get the clothes out of the washing machine as soon as the load is done. The timers and buzzers on washing machines are there for this reason.

There you have it! Washing machines have made life easier but it is also necessary that you take good care of it, so that it lasts long and washes your clothes effortlessly every single time. If you encounter any problem with your washing machine, hire an appliance repair Fairfax technician to inspect and fix it.

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