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Outdoor rugs are as important as indoor area oriental rugs. You cannot ignore the backyard, deck, porch or patio as these spaces are very much part of your abode. Pay a good deal of attention when buying rugs for outdoor nooks of your house, please!

Take these things into consideration before making a final choice for an outdoor rug.

Buying a rug made of polypropylene can save you time and effort

See, there is a huge difference between choosing a rug for your indoor and outdoor. When you are buying something to be placed outdoors, it means there is a greater chance for it to catch dust, grime, wet, residue and what not. At times the weather is so unpredictable and it starts raining all of a sudden, in such a situation, your rug is likely to get all wet. Some rugs are difficult to be rescued after remaining deeply soaked in water for a litany of hours. If you seriously want to save yourself from running to the backyard to roll your rug whenever there’s news of an outpour, just buy yourself a rug made with polypropylene. It has a superb tendency to absorb water and not be destroyed even if there’s a massive outpour.

Flatweave and tight weave rugs are tougher and live longer

When it’s outdoor, there is an even greater room for dust and grime to sit on your rug, furniture and other things. You should try to go for something that is not too delicate to fight the hardships of the climate. Some of the precious rugs look really great on the outside and you can totally bag them but save them for the indoor. They don’t deserve to be put out in the open where they will meet all sorts of extremities. For an outdoor rug, you should choose something in flatweave or tightweave. This way, you will not have to worry about how long your rug is going to survive and whether or not it will be able to stand up to the tough ambience of the outdoors.

Choose a color that contrasts with your house’s color

Let’s suppose, if the color of your house is black and white, a rug in either of the two colors won’t go great with it. If your rug is just of the same color, it will all look dull, boring and monotonous. Under no circumstance, you would want your home to look so tedious – this wasn’t what you went shopping for, no? Try buying a cooler in contrast and it will look so majestic. For instance, if your house is painted in grey, you can buy a rug in black, grey and silver. It will look more than awesome.

Choose a rug that is easy to clean

The rugs you have bought to place in different areas inside your house are unlikely to catch a heavy amount of dust, filth and grime. Unlike your indoor rugs, all the rugs you are going to place outdoors will definitely need a quick vacuum almost every day. Indoor rugs do okay if they are vacuumed only once a week, but you cannot expect the same to happen with outdoor rugs. Outdoor rugs are more prone to getting dirty and polluted as they are placed out in the open. Therefore, try and settle for a rug that is either super resilient or easy to be cleaned.

Better to skip natural fiber rugs for two reasons

Natural fiber rugs are everyone’s favorite as they come with plenty of merits. Their beautiful texture and super-soft feel cannot be brushed under the carpet so easily. Still and all, there are few things about rugs made of any natural fiber that make them a wrong choice for outdoors.

Sunlight: You shouldn’t be putting it out in the sun because it is going to get extremely hot within a matter of seconds. What good does a rug do if you can land yourself barefoot on it? Think. Besides, sunlight slowly and gradually sucks the life out of natural fiber rugs and they start looking so fainted and flaked out.

Dew, mildew: Almost all the natural fiber rugs fail to stand up to dew and mold. Wet and moist is not good for many of the rugs made by natural fiber. Even if it is not heavily raining outside, a few blobs and drops of water can wound your rug’s essence to some extent.  So, if you’re going to rug stores Alexandria for buying outdoor rugs, try polypropylene or any other synthetic material.

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