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A kitchen remodel can upgrade your kitchen in the way best suited for your needs. Kitchen remodeling is an investment as it adds value to your kitchen. However, it should be done right. Therefore, follow the dos and don’ts of kitchen remodeling to prevent mistakes.

Do Set A Budget

You should set a clear budget and follow it because there are many aspects of kitchen remodeling and if you’re not careful enough you will end up overspending. A budget will enable you to use the materials and features that the budget allows.

If you want an affordable renovation, you should be realistic about the budget and consider the necessary features and affordable materials. Going for luxury items will shatter the budget into pieces. But you don’t need to worry. There are so many materials that if you like a style or feature made of a material that is out of your budget, you will find something similar with an affordable material.

Don’t Follow The Trends

Trends are helpful in determining what’s popular. Therefore, taking inspiration from social media and magazines is good as well. But remodeling your kitchen based only on what is in trend can have certain drawbacks.

The first drawback is that you might use the kitchen design or style because it’s popular, but you may not love it. Moreover, trends change quickly. So, something that’s trending now may look outdated a year later.

Therefore, when you’re spending your money on the remodel, the design and style should be what you and your family love. You don’t need to avoid inspiration from social media and magazines. You can view the designs and only incorporate the details that you like. Moreover, try to go for evergreen designs to sustain the appeal of your kitchen.

Do Consider Hidden Costs

No matter how much you plan and set a perfect budget, it’s likely that there will be extra costs during kitchen remodeling. So, you should prepare yourself for it and keep a buffer to meet the hidden costs.

Hidden costs are repairs or replacements that are unexpected. For instance, you wanted to paint the cabinets, but during the process, found that the kitchen cabinets are tearing out and you should replace the cabinets instead of painting them.

Moreover, labor costs can also increase if the project doesn’t finish on time. Other hidden costs are shipping costs, taxes, and the cost of the materials.

Don’t Put Too Much In A Small Space

A kitchen remodel is not done frequently, so you will want to include everything you want even when the space the small. Many homeowners make this mistake and ruin the visual appeal and practicality of the kitchen.

A practical kitchen should have the features and appliances that you need. If an appliance looks cool in the kitchen but you don’t use it, you shouldn’t add it to the kitchen. From the design to appliances, everything should have a purpose.

Do Get An Expert To Visit Your Kitchen In-Person

Getting estimates from different contractors and designers is common and good practice. They can give a rough estimate of how much the remodel will cost owing to the types of materials you have chosen.

However, you should request a contractor to visit the kitchen in person, perform the measurement, and give you a clearer cost estimate. This will enable you to set the budget correctly.

Don’t Choose Your Appliance Last

Many people make the mistake of remodeling the kitchen and considering appliances later. The appliances to properly fit the space where they will go, and if chosen after a remodel, you won’t find the right space to fit them and you’ll have to make changes in the design later.

So, choose the appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven before planning the remodel and set the dimensions of the materials keeping the size of the appliances in mind. The appliances will fit the kitchen design seamlessly and you won’t have to spend more money on design changes.


For a successful kitchen remodel, you need planning. Set the budget and design the kitchen as you like instead of following only the trends. To avoid bad installations of materials and fixtures, hire a recognized kitchen remodeling contractor Silver Spring. An expert will visit the space and provide you with an estimate based on your preferences.

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