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Tinted car windows have become more like a trend nowadays. While some are looking to protect themselves from the harmful UV rays, others simply install them to increase the appeal of their car. However, there are some things that you need to consider when installing auto glass tinting. Otherwise, you might be intentionally breaking the law. Let’s begin!

Double Tint

Sometimes car fanatics tend to install a double instant, which refers to the addition of a new tint over an existing one. Most vehicles today come with factory-tinted windows. To make them darker, owners tend to install an additional tint. Although, installing another tint over the original one is not recommended but the practice is quite popular amongst people. The reason is that you can only go darker with the factory-fitted tint and not light. Furthermore, if you wish to remove the factory tints, there are chances of your windows getting scratched. Therefore, if possible, stay away from putting a car window tint over an already existing one.

Filter The Light

Originally, window tints were introduced to enable the drivers to prevent exposure to direct sunlight. Countries that experience intense heat during the year relatively have more vehicles with tinted windows as compared to the countries that have pleasant weather conditions all year round. If the country you live in gets extremely hot and blazing, driving on the highway can become dangerous. The reason is that the sunlight will directly hit your eyes and if window tints are installed, they will help you cover your journey safely. On the other hand, sunlight during the winter season can be sometimes too bright. Therefore, instead of just relying on your sun shades, you can get tints installed as well.

Consider Visibility

A common mistake done by vehicle owners while installing car window tints is that they overlook the visibility factor at night since window tints are mostly installed during daylight. This can become a problem while driving at night as the tints will reduce the visibility and lead to an accident. Therefore, before installing car window tints make sure that you consider visibility at night as well.

Follow The Laws

Many states tend to be very strict about window tint regulations. For instance, in Florida, you should have more than 15% of light coming through the backside windows and over 28% of light in through the front windows. However, the regulations stand different for different sedans and SUVs, etc. And since each state has a different regulation regarding window tints, you might want to check first before spending hundreds of dollars just to have them removed later on.

Protect Your Health

Another major importance of car window tints is to protect people who are sensitive to the rays. Constant exposure to Ultraviolet rays can lead to serious skin diseases such as cancer. Therefore, you should always apply sunscreen before heading out and install window tints within the legal limits to prevent harming yourself. However, if you are suffering from any kind of medical condition, you will need to present proof before getting your windows tinted. Unless it is required and you have the documentation, do not install dark tints. An officer might pull you over and ask for the documents. Once you receive them, only then install the tints.

Avoid Cheap Quality

You should at all times avoid cheap quality window tints and installation services. The reason is that cheap quality window tints will not protect you against the harmful rays and will develop scratches with time, ruining the overall look of your car. On the other hand, cheap installation services might permanently scratch your windows as well. Installing window tints is the job of professionals and you should ensure that you get them installed by an authorized dealer only. This way, you are guaranteed to get what you paid for.

Final Word

Although installing a window tint over an existing one is not recommended but owners sometimes do follow others’ leads to make their vehicles look darker. While it might not be a good practice in most states, make sure that you are not underestimating the laws. Go to a car window tinting shop Springfield and get tints that are permissible.

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