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Choosing the right flagstones is the first step of building a patio which is accompanied with hiring a patio contractor. A patio can add lots of usable space in your house while also providing strength and durability.

One of the reasons why flagstone is a popular choice for patios is that it can be easily cut into pieces of different sizes. There are lots of other qualities of flagstone as well which make it a perfect choice for outdoor uses including patios.

Choosing Flagstones For Walls

While flagstones aren’t usually utilized in the making of walls, they can be stacked to make low profile walls during an exterior remodel. It can also easily blend in with other landscape elements. You can use mortar to keep the flagstone pieces stuck together.

Remember This When Choosing Flagstones For Patio

When choosing flagstones for your patio project, you can visit a local stone yard and see what is easily available locally. As a rule of thumb, you should go with what is easily available locally, as you won’t have to worry about running out of flagstone during the project. This might also save you some good money, and can help you find the same color easily in the future if you ever feel the need to add more things to the landscape.

Since most of the flagstone will be used as the outdoor flooring material, you should consider the type of activities that’ll be performed in the patio. For example, you should choose a smooth surface flagstone for entry pathways of your house if you have relatives on wheelchairs. You can check with local building laws as well, as they usually require you to make it easy to access your house from the street.

However, you can take more liberty when installing a backyard patio with flagstones. You can even use low growing ground cover between the flagstones to keep them stuck with each other nicely. If you build a flagstone patio, make sure that you use flat furniture.

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Flagstones For Your Patio

Many homeowners who don’t have any experience of making flagstone patio make some mistakes in the building process. Here are some of the biggest mistakes you should avoid when choosing flagstones for your patio.

Choosing The Wrong Color

This mistake is usually easy to make for any homeowner. So, before choosing flagstones, you should inspect them closely, and choose the right colors. If you’re looking to buy used stones, you must make sure that they match with the new ones available locally. This way, you won’t run into any problems even if you run out of used stones during the project.

After looking at the stones to buy, you should take some samples and match them with the aesthetics of your house before making the final decision. This is way better than actually buying all the stones, and finding out that they don’t match your expectations after getting them unloaded on your property.

Choosing Too Thin Stones

Choosing thin stones might look great at first as you will find the lightweight stones way easier to work with in your DIY project, but this can be a huge mistake. Since you’ll use the flagstones outside, they will be continuously exposed to the harsh outside elements and weather. That’s why if you choose thin stones for your patio, it will break very soon without even bearing your weight.

So, you should buy thick and strong flagstones to use for your patio. This will make sure the patio lasts for a long period of time, and will prove to be a great investment for your house with high ROI. Strong and thick stones and heavy and harder to move, but they can also retain their color and looks for a long time.

Buying Cheap Flagstones

It is obvious that you’ll have a specific budget for your flagstone patio which you won’t want to exceed. But money saving shouldn’t come at the cost of durability and looks. Cheap flagstones are either too thin, or they fail to retain their looks in the long run.

Keep in mind that laying a flagstone patio is a long term investment, and you should therefore refrain from making any mistakes when making a flagstone patio. If in doubt, talk to your patio builder. Lagrass

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