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Heavy machinery moving is more than just using a forklift. Rather, it involves a number of complex rigging concepts that only a certified technician can apply. Sometimes, heavy machinery can weight as much as 20 tons. Furthermore, these machineries can also be extremely sensitive with calibrated meters and gauges. Hence, it is important to life and move these pieces of equipment wit great care!

Indeed, industrial rigging is considered as an extremely important yet a dangerous part of construction projects. Every year, there are plenty of rigging related accidents in the world, that result in damages both financial and of life.

Hence, lifting heavy objects is a job that you cannot just leave to any random person. Rather, a proper technical is required. A good team of riggers would understand every aspect of the equipment under use along with the project’s scope. They should also know about the right safety practices along with the permits required for the job.

The ultimate rigging guide for you

In this article, we put together all the information that you should know about rigging. If you are planning to hire a rigging company, then this information will come handy!

What are the responsibilities of riggers?

Riggers can be considered as the boy scouts. This means that they have to be prepared for handling complex situations at all times. In this regard, they can use several tools.

For instance, wire ropes are often used for rigging purposes for lifting. A wore rope offers a lot of flexibility and strength. This rope is usually connected with lifting devices that out the force necessary to lift objects. Furthermore, wire ropes can also be used to secure the loads.

Yet another important piece of equipment is a sling. These are made of canvas straps, wire ropes or both. They are primarily used to put contacts on heavier and larger objects.

With that, jacks are also very commonly used to lift heavy equipment so that it can be moved away. Other similar items include orange vests, stop signs, and various large tools.

All rigging companies are not the same

Rigging is a vast field, and hence, it is hard for every rigging company to be the same. So, it is important to choose the contractor that is the best for your kind of job. Instead of going for the one that gives you the lowest quote, choose the one with the best service.

Rigging companies can different among each other based on the types of machinery they have, their load capacity, reputation, and manpower. Along with that, their customer support and reputation is yet another major factor that you need to consider.

Though, make sure that the company that you have chosen follows all the basic protocols. For instance, it should have the right certifications and personal protective equipment.

Alternatively, you may also be able to find a rigging company that can do everything. However, such companies are rather rare. Though, for the least part, try to find a single company that covers every aspect of your work. After all, it is quite inconvenient to hire two different companies for the same job.

Ending note

Rigging services VA are not hard to find. However, finding a reliable contractor who will get your job done in minimal quote is hard. First, make sure that you have taken recommendations from people that you know and trust. After that, short-list all the possibilities that you have. This way, you are more likely to end up with a reliable crane contractor. Otherwise, by hiring unreliable contractors, you may be taking a huge risk.


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