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Who does not love deep-fried treats such as donuts, fries, and corn dogs? These are the kind of food items that we can very commonly find in stalls on carnivals or just on the street. Due to their attractive nature, they are also very avidly sold in restaurants. Hence, every commercial kitchen in a restaurant is likely to own a fryer. However, since these appliances do a lot of hard work, deep fryer repair is often required.

So, hoping that you are willing to reap the benefits of this appliance, knowing very well that you may have to spend on occasional maintenance, let us start with this beginner’s guide.

A deep-fryer guide for beginners

A deep fryer is an appliance that is designed to fry a huge number of goods including mozzarella sticks, funnel cakes, donuts, fries, and a lot more.

The use of the fryer basically depends on the model, since all deep-fryers models are slightly different from each other. Still, their underlying principles of work are the same.

First, they heat the oil to a temperature that is desired. Then the food is lowered into the hot oil using a basket, until it is fully submerged. Once the food has been cooked, it is taken out using the basket and the oil is drain off properly.

How many types of deep fryers are there?

Indeed, the cooking process involved in deep frying is quite basic. However, to accommodate different type of accommodations, deep fryers come in a range of orientations, sources, size, and other properties. Hence, it is important to understand the most basic differences.

Floor models vs countertop models

Countertop deep-fryers basically sit right on the countertop without taking much space. In a way, these devices compromise between performance and the space. In case you do not have a large kitchen and want to serve fried items to a small number of guests, countertop fryers are the best option for you.

Depending on the model and the manufacturing country, their voltage specifications and power standards may be different.

On the other hand, floor fries take up a lot of space, but they are used to cook huge volumes of fried food. These units are able to handle many items at once. Hence, they are good for busy restaurants and kitchens that have a high demand.

Usually, the floor fryer models are available both in gas and electric models. Depending on what the energy demands of your kitchen are, you may be able to find the best floor fryer for you.

Specialty fryers

Apart from the above mentioned two options, there are many other types of fryers also. These commercial appliances revered to as specialty fryers since they are designed with certain applications in mind.

For instance, Outdoor fryers usually come with wheels and operate on gas. These are the type of fryers that you may find outdoors in carnivals. However, this certainly do not mean that they cannot be used indoors.

These also include the donut and funnel cake fryers. It is not possible to throw in all types of items in a single deep-fryer and expect to get excellent results. Rather, for different items, different type of appliances may be required. These fryers are particularly designed for frying donuts and funnel cakes.

Ending note

Now, you should have a decent idea about all the major types of deep fryers out there. However, remember that commercial kitchen appliances require a lot of care. And occasionally commercial appliances repair Fairfax is also a huge requirement. This may happen from time to time, so you must set up some budget aside and expect that to happen.

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