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You thought you knew everything about granite countertops, but these secrets are not talked about, so a lot of people are generally unaware of them. To find out more secrets and things that you didn’t know about granite kitchen countertops, keep on reading.

You Can Hide Their Seams

You might be aware of the fact that granite has a lot of seams in it. Because they are mined in huge blocks and have to be cut into smaller tiles or slabs, seams are bound to be produced. But, with granite, there is a huge advantage that you can actually hide the seams pretty well, without the need of filling them up. All you really need is some time and patience.

Granite has veining on it and the veining can be a perfect way to conceal the seams. You just need to align the veining perfectly with the adjacent tile, like a puzzle piece. This can be done by a professional installation team, and checking out the samples. Checking the samples are very important because you need to make sure that the veining is not too obvious for it to show too much difference in the seams. This is why having lighter colored seams is great, because they can be fused together and make the seams look a lot less noticeable. In this way, you won’t need any sort of filler or seam filling agent to hide the seams.

First Selection Is The Best One

This is also a very interesting fact about granite. Wherever you go for checking out samples for the material of your kitchen countertops, you will tend to look at different materials, designs, colors and patterns. The same goes for granite too. But, the secret lies in the fact that your first selection of granite is probably your most favorite of them all. This is why your eyes and your brain tend to go for the thing which looks beautiful and perfect at first glance. The one choice you make during sample reviewing, is going to be the one you select in the end, because that caught your interest instantly.

Glittered Granite Is A Big No

There are tons of variety in the design and color of granite. There is also a glittered granite which has beautiful shimmers on its surface. This shimmery effect is due to the presence of mica in the stone. This is a very beautiful piece of rock, but it is not always good for your countertops. The reason why is because glittered granite tends to be very weak as well as abrasive. It is not the strongest of the different types of granite and it can be a hassle to maintain it. So, whenever you see a glittered granite, try not to go for it, otherwise you will have to take a lot of care of it.

There Are Grades Of Granite

You might not be aware of this fact, but there are certain grades of granite. It ranges from grade A to grade F. As you go up, alphabetically, the price and strength of the granite increases. So, you can say that grade A granite is the cheapest but it is also very brittle and fragile. Whereas, grade F granite is a very hard, durable but an expensive kitchen countertop material. You can also choose the middle grade like C and D, if you want something of optimum strength, but also having a reasonable price range.

Sample Looks Different From The Installed Slab

This is also a very interesting fact. Granite that you see as a sample looks so much different than the material you end up installing as your countertop. This is because the pattern on granite is so random and sporadic, it will look completely different in a different orientation. The veining almost looks fluid like water flowing in a river, and it will always look unique every time. You will be surprised at this amazing characteristic of granite.

There you go! Getting to know these specific things about granite countertops is enough to make you a pro. Granite is truly an amazing countertop material with excellent characteristics and specifications. Talk to a granite countertop installer Potomac MD before choosing a slab for your kitchen to select the best one.

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