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Ceramic car window tints are becoming popular with each passing day. Although there are several other types of auto window tinting available in the market, ceramic car window tints are the best when it comes to UV resistance and privacy. It is engineered to keep your interior cooler especially if the car is parked under the blazing sun. Let’s dig a bit deeper and discuss why owners opt for ceramic car window tints.

How Is Ceramic Tint For Car Windows Made?

Ceramic tints use nanotechnology, which is relatively expensive, long-lasting, and safer. It is basically a multi-layered film that utilizes microscopic particles to block nearly 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Back in the day, the existence of metal particles in films made it harder to use the radio and make calls using cellphones as they interfered with the signals. However, the game has changed today with ceramic window tints. These window tints for vehicles do not contain metal particles and when infused with IR blocking technology, nothing comes close.

The top layer of the film is a hard coat. This hard coat contains nanoparticles while adding additional strength to the car window and helps reduce window scratching. Below the top layer is a clear polyester layer. This layer is simply for added depth and thickness. Next, is the laminate adhesive, where the entire game changes. At this point, the ceramic nanoparticles are blended to create the visible light transmission rating. As a result, even though the car is tinted, but visibility at night remains splendid. The final two layers are then again clear polyester films along with the mounting adhesive.

Benefits Of A Ceramic Window Tint Film

As mentioned earlier, ceramic window tints are relatively expensive but long-lasting. The biggest advantage of ceramic window film is its UV protection ability. While other tints are designed to increase the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, ceramic window films serve a very particular purpose.

If the vehicle is regularly exposed to UV rays, not only will it damage the interior but also lead to skin diseases. During the summer season, the sun can hit you down really hard if you and your family members are traveling on the highways. Therefore, the ceramic tint in that respect can easily block up to 99.9% of UV rays.

Apart from UV protection, ceramic window tints do an incredible job by resisting heat. Ceramic window films have become so popular that even NASA’s Space Shuttle features ceramic tiles installed at the orbiter’s bottom to protect the re-entry of Astronauts. If you live in an area where there is a shortage of shade and your car is mostly parked under the sun most of the day, you should definitely get ceramic window tints installed to protect your car from heat.

Finally, window tints in the past created troubles for the people sitting inside the vehicle. The signal interruption was the biggest problem, which did not allow Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or radio to work properly. This was due to the infusion of metallic materials for added depth and strength.

If you were to opt for superior grade ceramic window tints, they contain nanoparticles that are neither conductive nor metallic. Such films are designed to reflect the highest amount of UV rays and absorb the highest light levels.

Is Ceramic Tint Worth The Money?

Yes, if you intend to protect yourself and your vehicle’s interior from the blazing sun. The reduced signal interference, added IR protection and the ability to bond better to windows make it the top preferred choice for most vehicle owners. In addition to that, most tinting manufacturers offer a guarantee that lasts more than a decade if you were to go with a superior-grade ceramic tint.

Final Word

Over the years, ceramic window films have significantly evolved. Today, ceramic window films can easily last longer than the vehicle itself provided they are cleaned and maintained using the right techniques and tools. If budget is not an issue, you should get ceramic window tints installed to protect your car’s interior and loved ones from harmful UV rays. And always choose a certified car window tinting shop Springfield for the purpose. Because they will install high quality tints that last longer and don’t turn yellow in a few months.

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