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Today, women are more empowered to have a voice regarding their bodies. Some people say it is inhumane, but its long-term benefits are more important. Know more about abortion clinics now

Women have more options today in terms of contraception. While the majority of them are effective and have their advantages, some have specific risks. However, the availability of birth control options is more accessible. That includes in clinic abortion that women can have if they live in countries that legalized it. Aside from that, legal abortion clinics provide the right advice to women and they will not result in other ways that are unsafe and unsanitary, which could put their health at risk.

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Choosing Abortion Over Adoption

Moving away from adoption is influenced by the historical trends to lessen the stigma against unwed mothers. Today, those who decide to continue their pregnancy keep their babies, so adoption placements dropped. In the past, unmarried women were sequestered while pregnant and their babies were already placed in adoption agencies so that women could return to their normal everyday life.

Based on a study, women think about their choices sequentially by first seeking an abortion, and if they cannot afford it, they consider adoption. After being denied to have an abortion, they consider having the baby adopted. However, only about 9% of women who were not allowed to have an abortion opted for adoption. Some just chose to become a parent.


If it is used correctly, women do not have to worry about getting pregnant because they know how to use contraception properly. In addition, they can decrease mental cramps since women will not go through their monthly menstruation. Another good thing about contraception is that women are less likely to get ovarian and uterine cancer.

Women can enjoy and have pleasurable sex when they use the right kind of contraception that does not interrupt their sexual activities.

Proper Abortion Procedure

Since contraception is legal, including abortion, women do not have to look for underground abortion clinics that will perform the procedure for them. Since these clinics do not have legal business papers, they will not think twice about performing the procedure incorrectly and just get over with it because no one will go after them. Aside from that, they might prey on women who need an abortion and will overcharge them because they are left with no choice but to go to them. Sometimes, they are even unsanitary because they do not practice proper hygiene and the patient could get an infection after the procedure. This is not reversible and you will not win with them because they are illegal. They cannot go to the authorities because they could also go to jail for undergoing the procedure.

Early pregnancy abortion DC should be legalized in more countries because a lot of women are suffering. It is their right to choose when they want to have a baby and should be given access to contraception anytime they need it.

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