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Many orthopedic surgeons are of the opinion that knee replacement surgery is easier than the effort needed for controlling the knee swelling after the surgery. Usually the rehabilitation of such patients is the task of physical therapists. It becomes his duty to keep the pain and swelling within the acceptable limits.

Moderate walking

Knees are often very delicate after the surgery. It does not tolerate exercise or walking around your house to reduce swelling and pain. Many patients are under the impression that walking will be beneficial for reducing swelling. But if you walk moderately your knee may tolerate it and it will help the rehabilitation. Taking a walk around your house a number of times say every two hours will be enough.

TED compression stockings

Orthopedic doctors suggest that you may wear a pair of TED compression stockings if you are a person who needs to stand up many times as a you don’t have anybody to help in cooking. These stockings come in various pressure gradients and sizes.  You are a lucky person if your local medical supply is having enough size and pressure gradients available there. You may contact local orthopedic doctors for further information in this regard.  Many orthopedic surgeons supply these things themselves at the time of discharge to help their patients.

Keeping leg elevated

Orthopedic doctors suggest that keeping your leg elevates will help you very much in reducing swelling and pain. The duration for this leg position varies from person to person. If you are a person not doing any exercising of walking it will be better if you can keep your heart elevated than your heart for the first two weeks.

Keeping ice on leg

Another remedy suggested by most orthopedic doctors is keeping ice on the knee. This has been found to be very helpful in controlling the swelling and pain. Many people have doubts about how long ice has to be used. Keeping ice on the knee immediately after exercise with foot keeping in the elevated position will be the best option.

The amount of walking you perform around your home or somewhere else is extremely important. Even getting up and being in standing position is also good. Law of gravity is applicable to body fluids and therefore it will pool in the lower portion of the leg.  If you’re swelling and consequent pain is not reducing, you will have to keep your leg in elevated position for the entire day and then you will feel the difference.

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