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Everything is useful until a certain period of time after which it is sure to expire even if it is Brazilian keratin straightening. Here we are specifically talking about the hair extensions that we all use to increase the length and volume of our hair.

Read out to know the length of time hair extensions cover.

Different Lifespans For Hair And Hair Extensions’ Fitting

If you have been trying to find out a straight-away answer to how long hair extensions exist for, you should make yourself familiar with the fact that there’s always more to know. Hair extension is basically divided into two different parts aka fitting and hair (synthetic or human), and both of them have separate lifespans. None of them tend to expire in the same time limit.

Many people miss out on this important point and that’s why they struggle with a lot of things later on. At times hair is the first one to expire, and at times fitting is the one to ditch the latter — and vice versa.

Know That There Are Ways To Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer Than Expected

There is no fixed lifespan for the extensions you buy, if something has worked for somebody for 5 months let’s say, the same thing can expire in 3 months when it’s used by you. Different things work differently for different people. There’s no unfaltering time length that the extensions will live for.

Well, if there’s a way to make your hair extensions live the longest possible life, who wouldn’t want to make it? After-care is the key, my pal. After-care is something that can make you go places.

  1. You have to brush the hair extensions after every use. Don’t let the tangles occur.
  2. It’s better to not sleep with the extensions on.
  3. You can wash your hair extensions with a baby shampoo — but you have to let the sitting remain unwet because it would make the glue ineffective.

Clip-In Hair Extensions Last For 4-6 Months Generically

See, there are various kinds of extensions — variety depends on the fitting, to be specific. When it comes to clip-in hair extensions, they do not last for more than 6 months and that is just a general opinion of all hair experts. It can linger for more than half a year — depends on how you’re using it and how you’re taking care of it. Clip-in hair extensions stay for at least 4 months and not less than that. They cannot be easily ruined unless you become hell-bent on ruining them every which way. They’re tough enough to prolong themselves for 6 months as a consecutive estimate.

Tape-In Hair Extensions Expire Within 8 Weeks Or So

You see, clip-in hair extensions are popular for a reason good enough to outplay the rest. If you try to shed some light upon its contemporary i.e tape-in extensions, you’ll be less surprised and more disappointed to know that tape-in extensions have a rather short life to live. They do not come in close proximity with their contemporary i.e clip-ins.

There are still some benefits that tape-in hair extensions offer but others don’t:

  1. Tape-in aren’t as visible as the clip-ins. They do not need to be hidden or concealed carefully.
  2. Tape-in extensions are not as costly as the rest of the types. It sure has a brief lifespan but it doesn’t cost you a big chunk of your savings.
You Can Get Your Extensions’ Fitting Replaced After 3 Or 4 Months

As we have already deduced that fittings and hair do not have the same length of life to spend, we should also know that there are ways of making one work the life-length of the other. In the case of fittings, it is so easy to happen.

Let’s suppose, your hair is still in good shape but the fitting is not being supportive at all, here’s one little thing you can do to make your life easy: take your wig to a salon you know best and get the old one replaced with a new one.

A fitting barely expires in less than three months and you can make it last for another three by a simple replacement. In case the hair still has the potential to be good for six months, you can easily restore the fitting in half that time so you don’t have to give up on an otherwise cool hair extension piece. The lifespan also depends on the quality so only go to the best hair extensions salons Rockville.

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