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Presidential debates are always very interesting. This is because it shows what the two candidates are capable of. In fact, presidential debates tend to be of significant importance, as they can lead one person into a victory over the other. This can be seen in the Trump vs Biden polls right after the debate.

So, how did the first presidential debate of this election season turn out to be? It was indeed nothing less than a rollercoaster ride for the supporters of both parties. Where on one side, the liberals are keenly supporting their savior Biden, the conservatives are showing the ever-strong support for Trump.

On the night of Tuesday though, it turns out that the man who took the lead was Joe Biden. This is what we can conclude based on the instant polls right after the and during the debate.

In this presidential debate, the main aim of Joe Biden was to show the Americans that he is not the kind of person who would lose his calm. Furthermore, despite his advancing age, he proved that he has the capacity to hold himself in pressure.

Though, Donald Trump really helped Biden’s cause a lot. Quite interestingly, Trump did not let Biden speak just enough to damage his own cause. This is because Trump seemed to be constantly interrupting and hectoring the rival.

The Twitter Trump

A big number of Trump supporters refer to this attitude by Trump as ‘Twitter Trump’. This is the persona that Trump takes on when he goes full bombastic over others with a tinge of an insulting attitude.

Though, a big number of Trump supporters themselves did not really find that very appealing and labelled it as one of his unattractive qualities.

Will the Presidential Debate change anything?

Well, it is likely that the presidential debate will not really bring any change. This is because a big number of American voters still say that they have not decided whom to give a vote. This clueless lot is just as clueless as it was before the debate.

So, it looks like the debates may not have brought a significant change. However, they have surely helped Joe Biden, in improving his reputation among the masses.

It looks like throughout the debate, Donald Trump had one aim. And that was to rattle Biden. He did that by constantly interrupting the vice-president. This resulted in many chaotic exchanges. In fact, Trump even questioned the intelligence of Biden while Biden called Trump a clown.

Based on counts by several News Channels, Trump seemed to have interrupted Biden 73 times while he was talking. It was not uncommon for Trump to be sniping Biden throughout the debate, as a result of which the democrat would often laugh and shake his head in disappointment.

Indeed, the whole debate was a very interesting show for all the Americans, as it helped give them a new perspective. Still, the staunch supporters of both Trump and Biden seem to be unmoved. Now, the people who are currently clueless about their decision are more likely to be decide the winner of these elections.


Presidential Debates have been an interesting event in the history of US elections. A big number of people leave all their chores and stick to the television in order to see the two candidates question each other.

If you are interested to see how the presidential debate may have affected Trump or Biden’s position in Arizona, take a look at the Trump vs. Biden Arizona polls. You can find these at a number of high-authority websites on the internet. Though, we would say, avoid believing what the social media tells you.

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