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Since house sidings are crucial for the protection of your house from elements, it’s important to know which kind is the best for you so you go to a siding contractor with confidence. If you’re a fan of wood, then here are some options that you can work with.

Wood Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber wood and cement are the two components that make up a siding that’s going to be fireproof and durable. This material is made up of fiber wood cellulose, mixed with cement, and then molded to form the same look and feel of wood.

Fiber wood cement siding can last for a long time and it also prevents insect infestation, but the biggest letdown of this wood is the fact that it doesn’t look like wood sometimes.

Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered wood is a type of wood that dreams are made of. It’s wood, but it’s stronger, better, and more durable than its natural counterpart. Engineered wood has panels of fiber wood and those panels are topped with resins, waxes, and other protective coatings to ensure that this wood lasts longer than anything else.

Be warned, however, because this wood is going to knock your wallet out. It’s an expensive wood and not a lot of people want to spend that much money on wooden siding, so you should keep all of these things in mind before you make a decision.

Pinewood Siding

Pine is another budget-friendly option that has a mesmerizing golden honey hue and it looks stunning against the sunlight. It’s very abundant and you can find almost all types of pinewood for your siding.

The one major drawback of this wood is that it comes in small sizes, because of the small height of the tree. This prevents the sidings from being one singular plank structure and there are a lot of seams in the wood. So, if that seems like an issue for you, then pine might not be the best option to go for. Regardless, it’s a great option if you’re strapped for cash and want to get wooden siding for your house.

Cedarwood Siding

Cedar is the type of wood that can be reasonable in price or it can be super expensive depending on your choice and preference. Cedar is a great wood because weathering can do wonders for it, rather than bad, so it can be left as it is, or if you have the time, you can paint on it, but it’s certainly not necessary and that’s a great plus.

Cedarwood siding doesn’t split or crack under the influence of temperature and it’s a relatively durable option, as far as wood sidings are concerned. However, you do need to wash it every once in a while with a strong washer because that’s the only way by which it will look spotless at all times.

Fir Siding

If you’re looking for an inexpensive variety of wood, that’s going to look equally as beautiful, then you seriously need to consider fir wood. Fir is a very evenly colored wood, so it’s perfect for those people who want a more consistent siding and something that will look even in hue, overall.

The graining of the wood is also very fine and beautiful and it will look alluring, once mounted as a siding. It’s lightweight as compared to other wood options and your house won’t be at risk of collapsing.

However, it’s not indestructible and it needs to be painted on all sides to ensure that the extra layer of protection prevents premature warping and damage of the fir wood. So, if that’s not something you fancy, then you might need to explore other options.

Oak Siding

If you want to go for a traditional and rustic wood siding, then oak will not disappoint you at all. Oak is a beautiful wood and the patterns and colors it has, are out of this world. With intricate veining of the wood, combined with the rich colors, oak is truly a treat for the eyes.

Oak is also available in a lot of varieties, like red, white, and brown oak. But that doesn’t mean that it’s all rainbows and sunshine. It is a highly porous wood and you know what that means. It can allow water to absorb into the surface, which can later cause fungus and mold infestation inside the boards of the wood and that’s not always the most appealing. Oak also fades quickly, especially in hotter climates.

Many of the above wood types are also used for gazebo and pergolas. So, if you need some info on which materials pergola builders Long Island suggest, you can use this.

Top Designs Of Wood Sidings

Now that you know all about the different options of wood, here are some siding designs that pair well with wood.

Shingle Siding

Shingles are thin and short panels of wood that are applied in the same way as you would apply shingles for a roof.

They are not protruding too much, so it gives the house a cleaner and minimal look. If that’s what you’re going for, then this design is perfect. Shingles can be made out of any wood, so that’s a huge plus point as well. Moreover, they will complement the look for your shingle roof and you can also create your outdoor space according to this design for the best aesthetics.

Tongue And Groove Siding

As the name suggests, tongue and groove sidings are made out of panels. On one side of the panel, there’s a tongue, and on the other side, there’s a groove and these two junctions overlap with one another to give more integrity to the siding.

This is a rustic way of making your siding look amazing and it also has great strength because the bond of the tongue and groove mechanism is not weak and it will last longer than most designs of the different house sidings.

Shake Siding

Shake sidings are similar in appearance to shingle sidings, but the wedges are a bit thicker than normal shingles. This gives the siding a bit more texture and it looks stunning. It gives a modern yet rustic appeal and the combination is a literal treat for the eyes.

Shake sidings can also be made on all types of wood, but you will like the results better with engineered wood or fiber wood cement because the refinement is out of this world. Shake sidings are also easier to install and they can be custom-made according to your budget.

Board And Batten Siding

Think of this design as vertical, long panels of wood, secured in place with circular battens. This is a very country-like design and the look is to die for. You are going to need longer wood panels for this design, otherwise, there will be a lot of seams and that’s not a good look at all.

The panels of wood are supported on a foundation siding and then battens, which are like wooden screws or nails, are bolted on to secure the panels tightly in place. The whole wood-on-wood look is amazing and it will add character to the house.


Wood is a wonderful and beautiful material and it does add a lot of character to the house. Now you have a bunch of wood sidings to choose from. Once you decide on the best one for you, go ahead and discuss it with siding companies Port Jefferson and get quotes for wood siding installation.

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