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Building an outdoor fireplace can be a complex process. You have to consider a number of factors in this regard. We have created this guide to help you know the important factors when building an outdoor fireplace with the help of a masonry contractor.

Purpose Of Fireplace

First and foremost, you need to figure out the purpose and why you are building the fireplace. There can be various reasons for this. Creating an outdoor sitting place for parties can be a consideration. You may also want to make it look attractive and use the fireplace for random occasions. So whatever the reason, you must be clear why you are building an outdoor fireplace. It will help you proceed smoothly.

Utilities Of Outdoor Fireplace

Apart from the features, there are some utilities you should take into account when building an outdoor fireplace. Usually, the fireplace is designed in the backyard so that it can be used when needed. There can be other options such as wood or gas. However, you need to make sure whatever option you are using is suitable and safe. In addition, extra utilities can also be added for comfort.

Materials Available

Outdoor fireplace is not built in isolation. Instead, it complements the already existing structure, the design of your house and the backyard location. Therefore, considering the right materials is also important. You need to check the required materials are easily available so that you can have a perfectly created outdoor fireplace. Cost of the materials is another factor which cannot be ignored in this regard.

Choosing The Right Location

The selection of the location or place for an outdoor fireplace is crucial. Many of you might have made some mistakes in this regard. So, you need to be cautious and make sure the location is perfect. Requirements such as entertainment, need, comfort, safety, environment and appearance are some of the must know elements while choosing the best location for outdoor fireplace.

Size And Shape Of Fireplace

Size as well as shape or design of the fireplace are equally important when building it. It is said the size and design depend on the backyard size, its design, architecture and the overall appearance. You will have a fireplace which is compatible with the overall structure. It must not look odd at all. Therefore, size is also important which should be designed according to the space available and your needs.

Wood Burning Or Gas Fireplace

Another important factor which affects your outdoor fireplace building is the option to choose either wood or gas. Both the factors have their pros and cons. The regulations and laws in some states are also considered in this respect. However, the gas option is more suitable. But it is expensive too. Wood option is safe, cheaper but will require effort. So it is up to you which way you go.

Landscape Around It

It is really important to understand the significance of the landscape around the fireplace location. Experts recommend that you should meet a masonry professional and discuss such important details. You will not ruin your backyard so it is imperative that the landscape must be protected and the fireplace is built in a beautiful way.

The Need Of Drainage For Fireplace

Many people often ignore the need for drainage for their outdoor fireplaces. It becomes even more important when the fireplace is not covered and located in the open. You will need to build a proper drainage system for it so that it remains clean and can be used when needed. Without drainage, it may be hard to use it.

Safety Concerns

In addition to the above factors, you also have to take into account several fireplace safety concerns. The location should be safe. The gas or wood option be decided according to the needs. If it will be used by kids, extra care should be taken when designing the outdoor fireplace.

Code And Regulations

Lastly, you will have to follow the code and regulations of your country or state. For instance, some states allow only the gas fireplace while others permit both. There are many other such rules which can never be ignored otherwise you will have to face penalties. Your outdoor fireplace builder Long Island will also know the rules so you can ask them too.

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