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There’s no monotonality when it comes to hair highlights. Highlighting your hair is not a run-of-the-mill kind of task either. When you’ll visit a hair highlights salon, you will see that there are a lot of categories and subcategories unravelling it differently. Here are some of the most ravishing types of hair highlights that you are going to admire.


If you want to make your hair look sun-kissed, don’t waste time thinking of other hair-highlighting techniques, get your hair babylighted. You only get the micro strands of your hair colored in babylights so that your hair sports a sun-kissed look, and that is what makes it different from general hair highlights.

Highlighting is always obliged to give your hair a two-dimensional look; although a thin amount of hair is chosen to get the artificial color instilled, highlighting is nevertheless meant to divide your hair into two dimensions.

Since the core formula of babylights is to never dominate the original color of your hair, it can be blended with some other hair coloring techniques like balayage or sombre. Balayage highlights, for example, and babylights would look wonderful as a combination.

Babylights themselves give a heavenly touch to your hair, however, they are really apt for an exotic color mix-up.

Traditional Highlights

Traditional highlights have never gone out of fashion in any decade. A number of variations have been brought to resurrect the very traditional way of highlighting your hair, but the conservative hair highlights have never been unasked for. People loved it when they first came in the market and people still love it.

As we have discussed the babylights earlier, you might be wondering what draws a fine line between traditional highlights and the babylights. You see, there is this proportion of hair that is separated from the rest of your hair which is going to remain uncolored or unhighlighted — this very proportion varies from type to type. When it comes to the traditional highlights, the amount of hair that is taken out to be colored is relatively thicker.

You basically use foil to color your hair when it comes to traditional highlights whereas in some other coloring techniques, we rarely use foil, in fact, certain sections of hair can be directly painted if it’s not for traditional highlights. A hair color specialist is likely to paint your hair with a certain color and cover it with pieces of foil for a specific period of time — this is how the procedure goes.


Lowlights are also meant to give your hair a beautiful blend yet the only difference is that the dye chosen for your sectioned-out hair is darker than the natural color your hair possess. This is the most significant thing about lowlights as it sets it apart from its cousin highlighting techniques aka traditionals, balayage, and babylights.

When someone decides to have his hair lowlighted, it means her already light-colored hair would be slightly brightened up by a rather dark yet suitable dye. Lowlights are aimed to give an inch-perfect dimension to the light-toned hair. In case you feel your hair is in undertones, you better get lowlights because they can give it a loud look.

In case, you are not doing great when it comes to the volume of your hair, lowlights can save your skin. Lowlights tend to add depth to the naturally fine-looking hair. Lowlights can trick the people into believing that your hair is thicker than it actually is. People who are born with thin hair can do themselves a great favor by having a bi-dimensional hair color.

The Commons All Types Share

Just as there are a select-few distinct differences between these three types of highlights, there is a great deal of commonalities amongst them too.

The way dye is inculcated in your hair remains totally the same, for example. For all of them, the colorist starts from the tip of your hair and finishes it through the very end. The colorist is going to select a very less amount of hair to isolate for coloring, then he would leave nearly the same amount of hair to remain uncolored — this process continues till the last hair on your head.

It never starts from the middle-length or bottom-length, hair highlights is all about thin strands colored from tip to toe. Now is time to select a good hair salon and get awesome hair highlights. Hypno

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