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New relations are made with the passage of time. It is important to have love in relations. When a person is going to a new place then he will meet to new people. This will give rise to new relations. Imagine when you are going to live to a new place. At the new place you are not aware of routine things.

You have to trust on new people as you have to live with them. You will meet with them and start talking. They will inquire about you and you will inquire about them. In this manner awareness among you and new people at the new place will increase.

Know about relationships

  • You will like some people and you want to meet with them again and again.
  • You will not like some people and you will be willing to avoid them in future.
  • However there will be a relation among you and the people with whom you will meet at the new place.
  • You will have to purchase things from shops at the new place and you will make a new relation with the shop keeper.
  • You will live with your neighbors and you will have to make some sort of relation with them.
  • If you are to go to a new office at the new place then you will meet new staff members.
  • This will give you more chances of making new relations.

With the passage of time your new relations will increase and become old. You have to take good care of all types of relations which are new and old as it is not good to make new relations and leave old relations. Some care is important in all types of relations. With some care you are able to get your relations in good conditions. It is also a good thing that you meet with an old friend after some time period of may be one year or some years and he recognizes you. You also recognize him and start to talk with him and know about his life.

However there are occasions that you see an old friend who was close with you in the past but he refused to recognize you after some years. You tried to recall him the old memories but he refused to recognize you and treated with you like a stranger. Such times hurt a lot but these are facts as many people are not willing to keep old relations. There are many people who are in relations for a limited time. When they are working or studying together then they make relations in order to get benefits.

When they are separated then they refuse to continue the relations and become strangers and try to find new people, who can give those benefits. This world is filled with such people who are only making relations for their own benefits. Many humans are not able to keep all the relations and deal with them so they forget to take care of old relations while they are making new relations. It is important to make new relations but also take good care of old relations.

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