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If you keep your house extremely tidy, things still have to be washed over the course of time. There’s no formula to keep everything new and uncleaned. Hence, while buying tribal rugs and other things, you need to be careful of the material of which the product is made. It should not be a tiresome thing to clean.

Here’s an attempt to dissect all types of rugs in order to help you find out the easiest one to clean.

Woolen Rugs

Woolen rugs are the softest to feel hence people seeking comfort and coziness opt for them without giving it a second thought. Woolen rugs, being soft, tend to be the best choice for consumers looking high and low for squishy and furry things under the feet.

Woolen rugs naturally resist stains hence you hardly get to clean them. Because of the natural tendency to repel blots and dirt, they don’t require to be cleaned for a fairly long time. However, it’s not really possible to keep things from stains as there’s no scientific formula for keeping things clean forever.

In case your woolen rug catches a stain, the best and easiest way to clean it is to mix a little bit of dish soap with water and rub it on the stained area with a not-so-rough cloth. In case, you’re not able to trust a cloth, you can switch it with a napkin.

Polypropylene Rugs

Polypropylene rugs are the masculine type of the rugs. They’re tough and durable and tend to exist for the longest possible time. These rugs are most unlikely to be damaged and you can expect them to last forever. The only condition in which you’ll be needing to buy a new polypropylene rug is when you get tired of seeing the old one.

Because of the toughness and durability of these rugs, they are often placed on entryways.

These rugs, however, need a regular aftercare. If you want your polypropylene rug to stay away from dirt and dust, you need to vacuum it regularly. It should be a part of your daily routine and you should never break the practice at any cost. This way, you’ll never have any complaints from your polypropylene rug.

Jute Rugs

Jute is a very hard material and rugs made from it don’t get easily affected by stains etc. Jute is not a touch-me-not kind of material that would be damaged if a quarter of liquid gets spilled over it.

The thicker the material of the rug, the lesser the tendency to absorb. Jute rugs do not tend to absorb anything this quickly but they do require a lot of muscle in order to do away with a stubborn stain.

Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass is yet another durable and tough rug that can be placed in any nook where you expect a heavy mobility. The material is tough enough to endure the stains and hold on to the ethos of the fabric. Therefore, you don’t need to be extra cautious of it.

It’s easy-peasy lemon squeezy to clean seagrass rugs, but they cannot be easily washed because they do not tend to sustain their spirit after a number of washes. Seagrass rugs are slightly more delicate as compared to some other rugs; you can’t carefully clean the stained part. The best and most doable way to maintain it is to keep vacuuming it every day.

So, you better not soak it in water, or else you’re going to lose its actual essence. Beware of this one thing!

Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs are also super easy to clean. They do not require a lot of hard work for the purpose of cleaning. It’s better if you vacuum your cotton rug every day to keep it inch-perfect clean.

In case, you want to avoid vacuuming it on a daily basis, you can do it without having a second thought. You can simply throw it in the washing machine to get the whole of it diligently washed, and you can repeat the practice once in a few months.

The durability of these cotton rugs is simply and undoubtedly trustable. They can be placed in any corner of your house where you expect heavy traffic. You can even make your pet sleep on this rug. You will not have to worry about your pet using his claws to mutilate the rug.

That’s it. Now when you’ll visit rug stores Alexandria, you will take less time to select the right rug for your home.

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