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Graduation season is around the corner and you really want to celebrate your son or daughter’s graduation party. But how is it possible if you are short on budget and looking for cheap party and tent rentals? The answer is that you can easily plan an outstanding graduation party on a limited budget only if you follow the points listed below.

Set A Budget

The first step is to allocate a budget and then follow it religiously. Do not exceed your budget. Not setting a budget means you will be spending way more than what you actually intend to.

Plan Out Everything

List down all the things and preparations you will need to do in order to host a graduation party. Then allocate the required amount for each thing. This way your budget will be allocated respectively. For instance, the food will require a certain amount, the venue, the decor, and other miscellaneous items.

The Venue

You can save a lot on the venue if you host the party at your own home. But your home should be able to cater to so many people, it should have space for sitting and food arrangements. If you have a backyard then it should be able to accommodate people. But if not then you can opt for the community park as they give space for parties in real cheap along with the food and grill area.

Renting a hall or banquet can put a dent in your budget. If your friend or relative has a big space in their house, you can ask them to host it there or you can even pay them a day’s rent.

The Food

Once you are done with the event, the next major thing is the food. Believe it or not but you can save on food as well. How? Read below:

  • Do not go for a lavish spread of food. Instead, you can go for bite-sized items and finger food. Your guests will not be concerned about how many dishes were there or how exquisite it was, but they joined you for a celebration and got free food.
  • Go for a potluck. You can ask your family members who are near and dear and are really happy about your graduation, you each get one dish and your budget issue gets sorted out.
  • If you want a full meal then go for pasta which is convenient to make, cheap, delicious, and can fill many people. Or go for a barbecue party where you can buy cheap ready-made fries, burger patties, wings, chicken legs, and ribs in bulk and grill yourself in the yard or garden. Add pudding and salad and you are done. You can also buy sheet cakes which are cheap and can easily feed 50 60 people. Go for a taco party and make your own tacos and your guests will love it.
  • Do not go for mealtimes. Instead, host a party for brunch or hi-tea. This way you will need just snacks and not have complete meals.
  • Make your own food. Take help from family members, buy in bulk and create delicious food on your own. Include sandwiches, jello shots, small cakes, mini burgers, lasagna cups, pasta bowls, pita, and hummus, and you are done.


Save money on invitations and go for e-invites. There are many websites that are making impressive invites and you can design and forward them to friends and family. But if you really want to make it more personalized then you can make handmade invites.

The Number Of Guests

The number of guests can greatly increase or decrease your budget. Keep it a family thing and invite only the dearest and intimate guests. This will also include your friends of course.


If you have some leftover budget then you can either include a “decorate your own cupcake bar” or “make your own candle” area which will serve as entertainment and a keepsake for your guests. You can just include graduation and thank you speeches and a thank you note for your guests.


Follow all the tips above and book reliable party rentals Rockland NY. And if you still want more, then the internet is full of creative ideas to decorate the venue and food. Thank me after your successful graduation party.

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