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Events are held around the year by companies to enforce a bond among the employees on an informal level apart from the monotonous routine of daily office life. The perks of these events are well calculated by companies, and they are willing to spend considerably in this aspect. The million-dollar question is whether to host the event indoors or outdoors with tent rentals. Here we’ve narrowed down several options on the benefits and drawbacks of having an indoor or outdoor event.

Calculate The Attendants Before Deciding The Venue

That’s the most crucial aspect. You should be clear about the number of people you are inviting because most indoor facilities can only host a limited number of guests. Not just seating them but having ample walking space between the assembled chairs and tables is also mandatory. If you have an elaborate guest list, think twice about choosing an indoor venue. You can easily accommodate a huge crowd in an outdoor venue without fearing for cramped spaces.

Budget Restraints

That’s another bitter pill for you to swallow before coming to a decision. Most indoor events are economically feasible because your rent will cover the major décor. You will only have to pay for any additional interior design or settings. On the other hand, in an outdoor venue, you will build your décor from scratch and the cost will subsequently rise. Here you can tick the box for an indoor event.

Your Ambiance Matters When You Are Deciding The Venue

Many corporate events resonate with some themes going around in their company. Whichever theme you have in mind will determine the choice of your venue. If your corporate event is to celebrate an achieved milestone or an anniversary sort of event, an outdoor venue will do it justice. Even a team building event is better outdoor. On the contrary, sales meetings or conferences are better indoors because four walls and a ceiling can themselves create a formal aura for your business or conferences.

Formal Or Casual Event

The nature of your event is detrimental in deciding your venue. If it is a formal business meeting, then you will have to stick to an indoor venue. Contrary to this, if you have merely assembled your employees for a fun-filled session to free them from their tedious routines, then it’s good to host outdoors. Most cramped indoors make everyone claustrophobic, whereas outdoor venues are liberating.

Provision Of Essentials

Get ample information on the availability of essentials before deciding the final venue. Many indoor facilities are already equipped with electric sockets to connect your laptops or chargers, Wi-Fi connections, audio-visual facilities, restrooms, sound systems, etc. You will have to check their availability before deciding on an outdoor venue.

Keep An Eye On The Weather Updates

Imagine the horror of having an unexpected downpour right when your event is in full swing. What’s worse is there is no place to shade from the rain. To avoid such mishaps, always keep the weather in mind before deciding the venue. If you still prefer hosting an outdoor event even in inclement conditions, rent tents to shade from the rain. This will put some financial stress on your existing event budget.

Is Your Event An ‘Employee-Only’ Or ‘With A Family’ Event?

If your corporate event is an employee-only affair, then you can prefer any venue, be it indoors or outdoors. This won’t be the same when you have invited your employee’s families because they will be needing restrooms and shade from the sun quite frequently.

Weather Consequences

Most of us prefer an outdoor event because we believe in the age old saying, ‘nature heals like no other’; but this comes with certain disadvantages because not everybody likes to stay under an open sky for prolonged periods as the weather makes them feel uncomfortable. Indoor event venues will provide your guests with a constant temperature from a heater or air conditioner while shading them from the sun or cold.

Lastly, no matter how much you weigh the pros and cons of either an indoor event or an outdoor event, there will undeniably be some mishaps, but your compelling Plan B will be on the rescue. So, hire a corporate tents rental Maryland and have a memorable corporate event outdoors or rent a safe venue for an indoor event.

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