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Air conditioners while running hardly make any sound. Sometimes, you hear an unusual sound such as crackling that catches your attention. It could be normal expansion and contraction of the unit or something more serious. Although, a crackling noise does not mean the unit is under threat but needs to be fixed by an air conditioner repair service. Learn the reasons why your AC is making a crackling noise and how to fix it.

Normal Expansion & Contraction

One of the most common reasons air conditioners tend to make crackling sounds is due to normal expansion and contraction as the temperature changes. You might be thinking that something is about to break but that is not the case. Air conditioners are made using different types of materials.

In most cases, the outer body is made of plastic that crackles due to a change in temperature. Similarly, the metal parts of the air conditioner also expand and contract. This basically means the metal and plastic parts are slightly changing their physical structure and adjusting their new position.

Furthermore, it might be that the crackling sound is not coming from the air conditioner but from inside walls or ceilings. Keep in mind that it is a normal occurrence and you do not need to panic about it.

Dirty Filters

Another common reason air conditioners make a crackling sound is if the air filters are dirty. Air filters should be kept clean and maintained as they are responsible for trapping contaminants and keeping the toxicants away. Since the continuous passage of air contains dust and dirt, the air filters become clogged.

This is why you need to inspect and clean the air filters at least once a month especially if the unit is being used all year round. If your air conditioner happens to be old, the air filter might need replacement. The best way to avoid this problem in the future is by consulting the user manual.

Every manufacturer recommends inspecting and maintaining the filters after a certain period of time depending on the usage frequency, size, and type of the unit.

The Air Conditioner Is Producing A Lot Of Ice

If your air conditioner is producing a crackling sound and you also notice that it is icing up and not working properly, it means there is a problem with the unit. Although, air conditioners do produce ice but to a certain extent. At the same time, modern air conditioners are equipped with defrosting features that help melt the ice away.

The main reason your air conditioner could be over-icing is due to low refrigerant levels, dirty coils, and blocked airflow. If the unit fails to melt the ice away, it means the coils are not able to dissipate heat. This will not only cause the coils to overheat but also stop functioning altogether.

To fix the issue, you will need to determine the source of the icing. If the icing is taking place inside, you will need to use tools to access the unit. Upon finding the ice, use a soft tool to remove it along with a microfiber cloth to clean dirt and dust accumulation.

Keep in mind that the air conditioner should not repeat the process. If it continues to buildup ice again, you will need to contact AC repair services Huntington.

Loose Parts

Loose parts are a rare reason but not impossible. If you live in a region that experiences severe weather conditions throughout the year, there is a high chance something ends up inside the unit and damages it. This is also the case if the outdoor unit is installed near trees, shrubs, and bushes.

The reason is that dead leaves and branches can easily come in contact with the unit and lead to the loosening of some parts. At the same time, the vibration of the unit can also cause bolts and screws to loosen and rattle around.

To solve the issue, you will again need to access the unit. Although, it might be difficult to do so as the air conditioner might not be running but try to closely observe and listen where the sound is coming from while the unit is turned on.

Once you have identified the source, you should shut down the unit and access the area/component.

Wiring Issues

Wiring issues are fairly common in air conditioners, especially old ones. If you are hearing crackling sounds on a regular basis, it could mean there is a problem with the wires. The electrical components also produce crackling sounds that require due attention.

Plus, loose or damaged wires can also influence the power flow and overheat to the point where they will catch fire. As the plastic coating on the wires melts, it creates a popping or crackling sound. And if you smell a burning odor, it means the unit has caught fire and you need to immediately shut it down.

Unfortunately, in this case, you will need an expert to rectify the issue. The reason is that electrical components and wiring inside air conditioners carry serious risks. You may get electrocuted and experience serious injuries. Therefore, it’s best to hire an expert and get the issue fixed for once.

How To Avoid AC Problems?

Perhaps the best way to avoid air conditioner problems is by scheduling annual maintenance. Annual maintenance should always be performed by a professional. Most homeowners consider it an expense and hire amateurs for the task only to end up paying for repairs and replacements.

An expert will not only thoroughly clean the AC unit but identify potential problems and fix them before they cause the unit to stop functioning. This is the biggest advantage of having an expert look after your air conditioner as you wouldn’t want your AC to give up just in the middle of the summer.

So, think of professional cleaning and maintenance from an expert as an investment. This will ensure longevity and effortless functioning of the unit for years to come.

How Often Should I Schedule Expert Maintenance?

The frequency of expert maintenance depends on several factors such as weather conditioners, location, and usage frequency. As mentioned earlier, if the unit is surrounded by natural items, it is more likely to need expert maintenance.

At the same time, extreme weather conditioners can cause dirt, dust, debris, and other elements to turn up inside the unit. As a result, a refrigerant leak or any other problem could take place. This is why units experiencing such circumstances are recommended to be more regularly maintained.

In the meantime, you should also inspect the air conditioner and be on the lookout for anything suspicious. Sometimes, fixing the issue on the spot prevents another serious issue from popping up. Therefore, keep your eyes and ears out for unusual signs and activity.


The crackling noise coming from your air conditioner is mostly due to expansion and contraction. However, you should also consider other reasons mentioned above to be on the safe side. If the solutions fail, go ahead and consult HVAC repair services Smithtown. Furthermore, make sure to regularly inspect and schedule professional maintenance to prevent serious mishaps from taking place in the future.


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