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Is it time for you to visit a family planning abortion clinic? Many women discover their pregnancy after their menstrual period is late for more than one week. Some signs of pregnancy include feeling sick, vomiting, having larger or sore breasts, and feeling tired or dizzy. However, not all pregnant women experience these signs. The first day of a woman’s last period is used to measure the length of time of the pregnancy.

If you suspect that you are pregnancy, you should get urine test in order to confirm it. This test can be performed by a doctor, at a family planning clinic, or at a sexual health clinic or youth health clinic. You can also purchase a home test from a supermarket or chemist. You will have more time to ponder on your options as soon as you determine it for sure.

How Do You Feel?

Discovering you are pregnant could result to various emotions, particularly if it was unplanned. All women will tend to feel different. There are women who feel scared and confused, while others may feel excited and happy. These feelings are all okay and normal. Your feelings may change once you go through your options.

Find Someone to Talk To

An unplanned pregnancy can happen to women of all backgrounds and ages for various reasons. It is crucial to discuss the available options with people close to you, like a trusted partner, family member, or friend. It can also be helpful if you can talk to a health care worker with experience in the area to get more useful information before reaching a final decision.

Making Your Decision

You can consider four options if you are pregnant:

  • Continue pregnancy by yourself
  • Continue pregnancy with your partner
  • Continue pregnancy followed by fostering or adoption
  • Terminate pregnancy or abortion

Take Time to Ponder on Your Decision

Different problems will influence women and may affect the specific amount of time required before they can make their final decision. There are several questions you can ask to determine the best decision you should make at this point in your life:

  • Will you be able to work things out during tough times?
  • Do you have support from a partner or family?
  • What does parenthood mean to you?
  • Who could you call to give you financial or emotional support?
  • How will your decision affect your future plans? Where you do you yourself in a few years’ time?

If you are planning to get an abortion, it is always best that you get this at the earliest time possible. However, it is also a must that you take time before reaching the best decision that suits you. Remember that during pregnancy, you have several rights. First, it is your right to get confidential care. You are also entitled to non-judgmental and safe care. You also deserve respect, no matter what final choice you make.

If you do choose to terminate your pregnancy, you can consult your doctor about in office abortion to determine if it suits you.

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