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Customer bonding helps your business grow. The happier the customer, the more the business. And that is why many big brands host customer appreciation events by spending money on venue, catering, corporate tent rentals, and other stuff. That’s a unique tactic to make your buyers feel special. Here are some event ideas to take inspiration from.

Host Some Free Informative Classes

If you’re a new business, this tip will work best for you. You can hold some free learning classes for your customers, teaching them about your product or services.

Moreover, you can make your customers learn about something relevant to your services. This will make them know how you really care about their betterment.

For instance, if you have some cosmetic brand, you can host free classes for your customers to learn how to take care of their skin naturally. And then at the end, you can conclude that on a healthy skin, cosmetics look better. That’s a great idea to show your positive attitude towards customer growth.

Have A Sale Day On Reaching Milestones

For a company working for quite a significant time, you can hold a sale day on reaching the milestone. For instance, completing your 25 years in the market, or getting a considerable number of sales, or opening a significant number of branches. Just the way KFC celebrated opening 100 branches all over the country.

And you can call this sale “Customer appreciation day sale.” Mention in your email informing customers about the sale day that they matter to you, and this sale is a way to appreciate their existence in your business.

Arrange An Event And Distribute Free Goodies

Being a customer, what excites you the most? Getting your favorite products for free? Yeah! Well, same.

If you host a successful event and even give away free products to your loyal customer, there’s no way you can lose them ever. It’ll even bring you more potential customers leading to more business and revenue.

An excellent example of such appreciation and marketing event is when Lays built a human claw machine where young kids were replaced with the claw, and they were to win as many as Lays they could. It was fun bonding with customers.

Make Your Customers Feel Special

Giving your loyal customers a VIP treatment will strengthen your bond with them. If you’re a restaurant business, you can offer free add-ons to your regular customers. Or you can start the trend of “VIP Weekends” where you can provide special discounts to your customers.

Everyone wants a double return on their investment. And if you’re providing customer-care services along with quality products, it’s a win-win. Giving customers a royal feel is all that you should aim for.

Set Up Table For Your Customers

Food is the ultimate attraction. And you can attract more potential customers with food events. Add some tender food and beer to your menu. And if you’re short on budget, you can only offer them donuts as well. Anything edible will be attractive.

Also, to keep yourself on budget, you can offer this food treat to your selected customers only. It is also a way to collaborate with other new businesses. For instance, you can look for some newly opened beer bar or food restaurant near you to collaborate. It’s a mutual opportunity for growth.

Give Discount Codes To Your Loyal Customers

Make a list of customers that regularly buy from you. Give them a discount code that they can share with their friends and family. It’ll turn your customer into your local brand ambassador. Also, you’ll get more customers through their references. Isn’t that great?

Sponsor A Non-profit Charity Event

Sometimes to make a name, you need to do something distinct. Think out of the box. You can earn profit even while not aiming for it. A great way to do so is by sponsoring a non-profit fundraising or charity event.

It’s a great way to develop a pure connection with your customers. Choose a cause that is near to your heart. For instance, if you want to help cancer patients in their treatment, find out if some hospital or organization is arranging a fundraising event. You can sponsor all the management things like paying for decor, food, and event rentals Rockland NY. And then, invite your customers and clients to the event. It’ll help you bond positively with your buyers. Also, it’ll show your concern about the life of others.

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