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Every single hair treatment needs a diligent aftercare otherwise it cannot last long. A number of things have to be especially taken care of. Japanese hair straightening needs some exceptional aftercare as the process itself is very intricate.

Here’s all you need to do in order to secure the Japanese straightening.

Stay Away from Shampooing Your Hair For At Least 72 Hours

It is actually a bit bothersome to take care of your newly straightened hair whether it’s Japanese straightening or keratin treatment. It is not easy but doable.

For the next 72 hours, you can’t shampoo your hair no matter how much you feel like doing so. It is inevitable and absolutely undebatable. You will have to steer clear of water for these 72 hours. You can’t even take a simple shower, let alone shampooing your hair.

Stay Inside If It Rains as Water Is Detrimental Your Hair

Water is harmful for your hair, there’s not an ounce of doubt about it. You have to keep yourself at an arm’s length no matter what the situation is. If it rains outside, you cannot allow yourself to go out and get wet. You have to prevent yourself from going out in the rainy season.

In case, you are urgently required to go out, wear something on your head so that you don’t have to wring out your wet hair.

Try to Keep Your Hair Sweat-Free for The Next 72 Hours

It would be commendable if you remain in a cool place throughout the day and do not sweat a lot. The main purpose is to keep your hair dried; just like water, sweat can also be deleterious.

Do Not Tie Your Hair

For a few hours, you cannot even tie your hair and you’re obliged to let your hair flow in the air. Tying your hair can literally reverse the benefits of this process.

Do Not Tuck Your Hair Behind Your Ear. Leave Your Hair the Way They Were

See, you got to be extraordinarily careful when it comes to your straightened hair. You are supposed to leave your hair the way they are meant to be. If you’re habitual of tucking your hair behind the ears, be extra cautious after having this treatment.

Do Not Use Any Hair Products Like Gel, Dry Shampoo Etc.

Refrain from all sorts of shampoos and hair products for at least a couple of hours. You are likely to ruin your hair for all eternity if you don’t do so. Just let your hair remain untreated and untouched for a series of hours right after the process is done.

Prefer to Use Shampoos and Conditioners Specially Formulated for Japanese Straightening

After 72 hours get passed, you are recommended to use shampoos and conditioners that are specially made for Japanese straightening. This is going to work as the best tool of after-care.

Prefer to Use A Wide-Tooth Comb Instead of a Fine-Tooth Comb

Your hair needs to be handled delicately after Japanese straightening. After this procedure is done, your hair is least likely to catch any tangles and twirls, therefore, there’s hardly any need to use a thin-tooth comb. Instead, rely on a wide-tooth comb.

Wait For 5-6 Weeks If You Want Your Japanese Straightened Hair to Be Colored

Unlike other hair straightening treatments, Japanese straightening gives you the liberty of coloring your hair after the process — but after 5 to 7 weeks — and not so early. You have to wait for a certain period of time and let the chemicals settle and take roots, later on you can do whatever you want to do with your hair.

Use A Silk Pillowcase When You Hit the Sack

You can’t sleep carelessly the way you used to do – before getting a Japanese hair straightening. You have to divide your hair into two halves and let them rest on your front side. Also, it’s better to use a silk pillow cover so that your hair doesn’t create any friction.

Use A Flat-Iron Immediately After Noticing Tangles and Curls

No matter what caused it, if you see an iota of tangle, if you see your hair curling up, please do yourself a favor then and there and flat-iron your hair. It will diminish the damage to a large extent.

Lastly, always visit a good Japanese hair straightening salon Potomac that has a lot of happy customers.

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