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Planning a successful event to promote team building can feel like a big hurdle which can be eased by hiring planners and party rentals. Read on to find out five easy steps you can take to make the planning process a lot more manageable.

Identify Your Goals for the Event

In order to plan a fun and exciting team building event, you first need to know where to begin, and identifying a clear objective or purpose for the activity will help ensure that. A good way to go about this is to try to answer the who, what, why, when and where regarding the event as truthfully and specifically as possible. Once you have done that, you will have a basic guideline of what you want to achieve, and can start thinking of activities and challenges that would best fit your focus.

Get the Right People on Board

If you have any experience planning a corporate event in the past, you would be well aware how difficult it is for one person to manage each and everything. This applies for company team building events as well, where there are so many factors that go into making the program a success, it just doesn’t make sense for an individual to be held accountable for the entire thing.

The right approach to planning a great event is to break down responsibilities and delegating them to a team consisting of people with the right skill sets. When several minds come together to brainstorm ideas, give their opinions and back each other up in case there is a hiccup, what first seemed like an insurmountable task becomes a breeze.

Devise a Schedule That Works for Everyone

No matter how fun and exciting your event is, if you don’t schedule it on the right date, the attendance will suffer and it will end up in a disaster. To avoid that, make sure to consider any duties and obligations your audience members may have before finalizing the details of your event. Keep in mind that whatever goals you have in mind for your team get-together, it won’t come to fruition unless the employees are present both in mind and body at the event. And for that it is crucial that they are not bogged down with thought about pending work or personal matters.

How do you do that? There are a few ways to go about this. Let’s take a look:

  1. Obtain feedback from your attendees to decide on a date that is suitable for everyone. You can either leave the matter totally open for discussion and go by the rule of majority, or give employees a few dates to choose from.
  2. Host your event in such a way, such as over a course of multiple days, that allows employees ample time to plan their schedule around it and take part in the activities.

While you’re at it, also don’t forget to take weather into account, especially if you’re hosting an outdoor event.

Create a Realistic Budget to Put Your Plans in Action

With the date set in stone, it is now time to consider the financial aspect of hosting a successful team building event. In order to make your ideas a reality, you will of course need funds. But more than that, you need to make sure those funds are put to best use and avoid any overspending on venue, tent rentals or food. And for that, a practical budget is the need of the day!

Start by listing down all your expectations for the event and then calculating how much it would take to check off each item. To get a better idea about how much spending limit you have at your disposal if you are not already aware, you can ask colleagues who have hosted similar events in the past.

Choose A Location to Host the Event

Last but not the least, the venue is something that can either make or break your event. Keep factors like distance from the office, number of people to accommodate and the type of activity in mind. A lot of event venues also offer amenities such as internet access, exclusive parking service etc. so see if that is something you would be interested in.

The steps above are designed to take the stress out of planning a productive team building event and allow you to make the most of the day. To further make matters a breeze, consider getting a professional corporate tents rental Northern VA company involved.

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