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The hazardous situation that follows after a tree hits the ground is a total chaos further entertained by tree removal services. In order to avoid such events, one must be able to recognize the warning signs before it is too late.

Tree with Lost Branches

When trees consume less nutrition they start losing their potential to keep the branches steady and healthy. Gradually, the tree starts to lose its leaves and then its entire branches leaving the tree with nothing but empty twigs hanging all around. These branches are then considered to be dead which means that the tree has entered a danger zone and you may need to immediately use the help of tree removal services. As mentioned by USDA Forest Service, dead branches can hit the ground even on a calm sunny day with no reason whatsoever.

Cavity in the Tree Trunk

There is a good chance that the tree will not come crashing down if the wood surrounding the cavity is sturdy. In case the wood is not sound, the cavity can cause some major problems for the tree. Tree tends to lose branches naturally which ultimately leads to the formation of cavity inside its trunk. Before the situation gets any worse, it must be dealt by professionals.

Decaying Roots of the Tree

The question arises that how can someone know that the roots are decaying? There are two ways that can help us in recognizing which root is decaying and which one is fine. A tree which has mushrooms at the base of its trunk just above the roots and a tree which has fungi grown all over its surface are the greatest signs that must never be overlooked.

Missing Tree Barks

Bark is an important part of the tree and when it goes missing, the tree starts facing difficulty. The place where the bark is missing becomes fragile and moreover a breaking point for the tree. In case the bark is present but has deep cracks all over it, you must urgently head over to tree removal services.

Weak Root System

A strong root system is the foundation of a healthy tree. If the roots beneath the tree are tight and tough then the life of the tree increases threefold and it stays erect all its life. If this system, in anyway, gets affected and starts causing damage then its bad news for the tree and must be looked upon immediately.

V-Shaped Growth of Branches

The experts recommend that the best way to earn years of service from a tree is to have its branches shaped in a “U”. This shape is considered to be the best shape for the better health and long life of a tree. The damage starts to kick in when the branches get tangled with each other and end up forming a V-shaped tree. A V-shaped tree is prone to damage because upon contact with wind storms, it breaks out and comes crashing down to the ground which is what we need to avoid.

Leaning Tree

If you find a tree that has an inaccurate trunk shape more like it’s leaning in one direction then it’s time to do something about it. According to the experts, it is said that when a tree leans at an angle of 15 degrees or more, then it must be removed. A tree usually starts leaning when it is affected by any external forces including weak root system or stormy winds.

Coarse at the Base of the Trunk

If you happen to witness a colony of carpenter ants at the base of the tree then get help from emergency tree services MD because this is definitely a piece of bad news. Carpenter ants only feed on trees that are no longer alive which means that if the tree is dead then there is a good chance that you will find carpenter ants there. In the case of borers, which are small beetles, the tree slowly loses its strength as these beetles tend to destroy the trees by killing them. Ants and beetle tend to leave frass on the trunk which can easily be spotted. In case of Pine trees, the pine beetles leave pitch-tubes all over trees.

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