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Although a kitchen is where most of the magic happens but it tends to be a dangerous place for the staff as well. Since a restaurant kitchen includes many electric and gas appliances, it is important for a restaurant to maintain and implement safety procedures. When it comes to gas safety practices, it is not only about installing safety systems but also has to do with installation, fitting, and operation of appliances and also timely commercial kitchen appliance repair. So, let’s take a look at some of the safety practices you should consider especially if you own a restaurant.

Danger Signs Of Gas Appliances Issues

When you are using gas appliances, there are certain telltale signs that tell you something is wrong. If you observe orange or yellow flames instead of blue flames it means that the air circulation is poor. Furthermore, if you find brown/yellow staining around appliances then you should immediately call a professional for an inspection. Moreover, if you have the pilot lights fluctuating, know that you are dealing with malfunctioning gas appliances.

Gas Clearances And Cookers

Every country has its rules and regulations regarding the safety of commercial gas appliances. It is important that your restaurant complies with these regulations as well. For instance, gas cookers and hotplates should have proper clearance. Appliances from most reputable brands are safe to use.

Moreover, the range-hoods should at least be 600mm above the cooking appliance, and also make sure that the exhaust fans are 750mm above the appliance. Furthermore, the burners must have a clearance of 200mm and if not, ensure that the nearby surface or wall is properly protected. Lastly, make sure that you always keep highly combustible items locked in drawers and safes.

Safety Point

When it comes to dealing with appliances or items or anything else that uses gas, make sure that you get them installed or repaired by an expert appliances technician. A gas safety engineer should perform an inspection of the gas appliances, pipework, and flues at set intervals. Manufacturers mostly recommended scheduling an inspection at least once a year. The reason being that overtime gas might start to leak. This could leak to the area being covered in poisonous or inflammable gas. Make sure that you attach the safety guidelines on the wall for every person working in the kitchen.

Emergency Procedures

Part of the kitchen’s safety guidelines require installing an emergency isolation valve to the gas supply which stops the gas supply instantly. It is important that it is accessible for the staff at all times. If you do not have an EIV, an emergency control button must be fitted with the gas system. A safety note should be pinned next to the button as well informing the staff that they should press this button in case of an emergency. You can install this button near the kitchen exit or outside the building. Lastly, every staff member should be educated and trained to perform a visual check and activate the emergency button in the event of any mishap.

Flame Supervision

As mentioned earlier, if the gas system is working properly, the flame should be blue. Even then, there are some appliances that produce a yellow flame. However, this knowledge is limited to certain gas appliances and for accuracy, read the owner’s manual of that appliance. Most of today’s appliances come with factory-installed ignition and pilot light systems. If you observe that they are not fitted, then you can use appropriate gas igniters. Furthermore, avoid using matches or flamed papers. If you observe a yellow flame, it is a sign that there is not enough circulation in the room. It could also signify that the ventilation system is either clogged or not appropriate. Remember that manual ignition of gas-fired equipment is one of the leading causes of minor injuries and major burn injuries as well.

Final Word

As this blog reaches its conclusion you need to remember that gas and gas appliances can be extremely harmful if the safety practices are not followed and maintained. If you are a restaurant owner, the safety of your staff and everyone else working for you are your responsibility. Therefore, make sure that you consider the safety guidelines mentioned above to always be on the safe side and keep your appliances in top condition with the aid of commercial appliances repair Springfield services.

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