Get Wisdom Teeth Removal When You Have These 5 Issues

It seems that wisdom teeth removal is already like a common thing to do. These molars usually appear once we have reached the age of 16 to 25. In some cases, there is no problem comes out when the teeth are growing. But, in most cases, people have complained how they feel so painful during the growth of wisdom teeth. Besides the pain, here are some other issues which demand you to do the same procedure.


  1. Gum Inflammation

Gum inflammation is the most common issue that people experience when they have their wisdom teeth growing. This can happen because the teeth only have limited space to come out. When the inflammation has appeared, you will feel quite painful. It will be very difficult to relieve the condition. Furthermore, this situation will get worse when infection occurs. This is caused by bacterias which are breeding in the area of partial impaction. Thus, it is better for you to take a wisdom teeth removal before the condition becomes more serious.


  1. Overcrowding

When wisdom teeth are growing, they usually try to arise in a space that is already crowded. This situation forces the other teeth to get pushed aside. Consequently, the placement of your teeth will become disorganized. To treat this matter, you will have to go through braces installation. For some people, braces can be very uncomfortable, especially when they are eating.


  1. Damage to Neighboring Teeth

The effect of abnormal molars growth toward other teeth is not only misalignment. Previously, we have said that infection from bacteria can happen due to partial impactions. The bacterias are able to spread to neighboring teeth and infect them all. Moreover, there will be a development of cavities on the tooth roots. If you already have this problem, go to a dentist soon. Besides removing the molars, you can ask for a tooth cleaning as well to get rid of the bacteria.


  1. Affect Jaw Movement

Your jaw movement might also change as a result of the wisdom teeth. Particularly, it is your chewing function that will get disrupted. For example, the teeth often scrape the soft tissues in the mouth. Or, sometimes you accidentally bite your cheeks. Food get caught under the gum tissue might happen too in this case. Not only is it affecting your teeth, but also your digestive system.


  1. Hard to Clean

Some of you might find it quite difficult to clean your wisdom teeth. It is because the location is far back inside the mouth. The cleaning can be more troublesome when our toothbrush cannot reach the gap between rearmost morals and the neighboring teeth. As a result, the food left at that area will become a perfect place for bacteria to breed. That will result other dental problems.


So, do you have any of these issues while having your molars? If you do have one or even more of them, wisdom teeth removal by the best dentist arlington is highly recommended.

How Dental Porcelain Veneers Are Placed

Dental porcelain veneers can fix you’re misshapen, chipped, or stained teeth. This cosmetic restoration solution may be the answer to better your smile. While this procedure has been actually done for cosmetic objectives in the early times, veneers these days are a vital part of a dental treatment plan.

Porcelain veneers are used by dentists to fix various teeth issues, such as uneven teeth, misaligned, irregular shaped, broken teeth, worn down teeth, or discolored teeth, as well as teeth with spaces. While the resins material can be used to make veneers, porcelain is advised for the amazing resistance to stain and light reflecting ability, like that of natural teeth.

Composite porcelain veneers and veneers

Porcelain and composite resin are the two materials used in making veneer. Composite veneers are thinner, which indicates that less of your tooth needs removing to use it. On the other hand, porcelain is loved by most dental patients because they are more natural-looking and stain-resistant. In picking which veneers to use, it is amazing to get the best recommendation from your dentist. He or she would know the top option that suits your condition.

The process for porcelain veneer treatment

If you select porcelain veneer for your dental treatment, expect these 4 processes below.

Preliminary process

After finally planning that you will go for dental porcelain veneer method, your dentist will make a “mock-up” based on your picked dental veneer smile style. The shape is ideal until your dentist will view that the veneer is resting on your lips naturally. This level may as well involve the taking of x-rays.

Preparation process

After the “mock-up”, your dentist would cut approximately one-half of the millimeter off of your tooth enamel. Then she or she makes an impression of the “contoured teeth”. This will help as the guide for dental technicians in building your dental veneers in the laboratory. Competition time for this approximately a week or 2.

Placement process

With the veneer fully prepared, your dentist will check if this matches the color and shape of your teeth. If all is excellent, your teeth will be cleaned fully. The surface of your teeth is also roughened to ensure that the veneer will adhere to them. Your cosmetic dentist will now link the porcelain veneers using unique cement.

Preservation process

After veneer placement, you will be needed for a follow-up visit. This is to make sure that the procedure is done perfectly. The best dentist arlington will also provide instructions on how to preserve your veneers. Apply right dental care as your veneers will last for a long time.